The President of “Ingulets” Alexander povoroznyk: “Go to MPs to seek justice”

Президент «Ингульца» Александр Поворознюк: «Иду в депутаты, чтобы добиться справедливости»

The President of the Ingulets Alexander povoroznyk said that stands in people’s deputies from mother

His words convey “football 24”.

“I decided to go MPs, because I have knowledge and experience in the construction from scratch of the agricultural Pyatikhatsky, football club Ingulets and many other things. I think that by example we will show how to work in the country. I’m not going to hide in the Parliament, I will be the first to vote for removal of parliamentary immunity. I want to go there so I wasn’t ashamed in front of my mother, which I offered money and she does not want them to take,” he said.

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According to him, a woman of 44 years worked as a milkmaid, and the state is obliged to pay her a fair pension.

“Where is this fair pension? I have the feeling that our deputies don’t have parents, and none of them have worked for such heavy work like my mother. I’ve never fought for power, always only fought for justice. Go to the Parliament to achieve a fair level that all lived more or less the same”, — he stressed.