The President is preparing to attempt: the Parliament decided at the last, revealed details

На президента готовится покушение: парламент решился на страшное, раскрыты детали

The President said that a plot to assassinate him. According to him, the threat comes from Odessa

The head of state said that recently he received information about preparation of attempt on his life. This was stated by the President of Moldova, Igor Dodon, informs local edition of NewsMaker.

According to the President, he said that the attack on him can be prepared by the “Dagestani community in Odessa.” While he blames the Democratic party of Moldova.

“I write: “You ordered the Dagestani Imam through Odessa, the Odessa group. An advance of one million euros. Only two. Took control”. Don’t know whether to believe or not to believe. So we have a democratic party. I’m going to do. I will ask my colleagues from outside,” he stated.

На президента готовится покушение: парламент решился на страшное, раскрыты детали

Earlier, a large protest rally was held in the Moldovan capital Chisinau. There are people blocked the Parliament building, the Ministry of internal Affairs, General Prosecutor’s office, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of agriculture, regional development and the environment, as well as other institutions.

Protesters came to the government buildings at night and set them in front of the entrances of the tent.

People said that they opposed “traitors” in government. In particular, it cited the country’s President Igor Dodon. Earlier media spread information that he allegedly receives from Russia one million euros per month. Protesters also spoke out against other officials.

It is worth noting that dissatisfaction with President Mature in Moldova for a long time. In particular, he was accused of refusing to fulfill his constitutional obligation to appeal to the constitutional court to determine the circumstances justifying the dissolution of Parliament of the 10th legislature, with the subsequent release of the decree on dissolution of Parliament and appointment of early parliamentary elections.

На президента готовится покушение: парламент решился на страшное, раскрыты детали

In this regard, on 9 June, the constitutional court of Moldova has appointed a Deputy Chairman of the Democratic party Pavel Filip, the acting President of the country.

We will remind, SBU unexpectedly introduced a special regime, the situation escalates: who won’t cross the border.

As reported Politeka, the national security Council gathered for an urgent meeting: “the big threat to the country”.

Also Politeka reported that Zelensky will meet a friend of Putin, everything is already agreed.