The President has caused something of a stir because of Putin, booming international scandal: “the Moral of ur*dy”

Президент устроил переполох из-за Путина, гремит международный скандал: "Моральные ур*ды"

The scandal with the possible return of Russia to the G8 received an unexpected continuation

This writes the authoritative edition of the Guardian.

It is reported that the leader of the United States Donald trump made a huge scandal at the summit of G7 leaders, which was held in Biarritz.

Президент устроил переполох из-за Путина, гремит международный скандал: "Моральные ур*ды"

In particular, the us President strongly demanded the return of Russia and Vladimir Putin in the G8 and tried to convince the leaders of other countries.

As claimed diplomatic sources of journalists, the idea of Donald trump actively promoted during the dinner the leaders of “seven” on August 24, rejecting any arguments of their colleagues.

It is known that the initiative of the President of the United States was supported only by the outgoing Prime Minister of Italy, Giuseppe Conte. The Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe, tried to maintain neutrality, and other leaders strongly opposed.

The leaders of the “seven” insisted that the G7 is “family, club, community of liberal democracies”, which belongs to Vladimir Putin. Donald trump, in turn, insisted that Russia’s presence was needed to discuss issues related to Iran, Syria and North Korea.

Ukrainians this idea Donald trump did not like. Some said that the leader of the United States because of dirt and money, the FSB chose to side with the Kremlin in the international arena.

“And why for the moral monsters of the G7 or G8, let them build somewhere in Chukotka pigsty interest, and if the two of you will be bored, you can even UN and Maduro to invite” “Money in the head and the heart + compromising FSB, nothing human in it, no,” “Nothing, will soon have a new President in the United States,” they write in the comments.

Президент устроил переполох из-за Путина, гремит международный скандал: "Моральные ур*ды"

Recall that the European Union opposes the return of Russia in the G7 to eliminate the causes that led to its exclusion from this format. This was stated to journalists the high-ranking source in the EU institutions.

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“Inviting Russia to meetings of the group of seven without conditions would be counterproductive, a sign of weakness,” he said.

According to him, for dialogue with Moscow is the format of the G20, while the “seven” must stay “at the forum of democracy, to be committed to shared values.”

This was preceded by the hysterical statement of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia, which called nonsense statement by President Vladimir Zelensky on the impossibility of the return of the Russian Federation in the G8.

We will remind, the UN security Council immediately going on the orders of Putin.

As reported Politeka, macron made a sensational statement, Putin said in a panic: what will happen with Ukraine.

Also Politeka wrote about the fact that Zelensky is preparing a special decree: “an important event for the country.”