The President during a speech climbed a huge cockroach: “This is liberal”

На президента во время речи залез огромный таракан: «Это либерал»

A curious incident occurred with the President during his speech

The President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte got a huge cockroach.

The incident occurred during a campaign speech, when Duterte played before an audience. The President at first did not notice that it is the four-inch insect. Cockroach saw assistant Duterte and tried to shake off the mustachioed monster, according to Reuters.

На президента во время речи залез огромный таракан: «Это либерал»

However, it was not so easy.

The assistant looked like an insect, but cockroach decided not easy to give up. He tenaciously held on to the shirt of the President.

In the end, the President shook off the insect and also let the audience joke that, say, a cockroach sent the opposition.

“It’s liberal! That’s for sure!”, said Duterte.

After the incident, the President, as if nothing had happened, continued with his speech.

Fate of a cockroach, have encroached on the head of the country, is unknown.

As previously reported, in one of Odessa institutions of the visitor brought to order a dish with a cockroach. Odessa Victor Matveev has told about it in social networks. His complaint, he left in the community “blacklist Odessa” in Facebook.

According to him, in Varenichnaya “Alpina” he ordered mincemeat, which found a cockroach. “When you look long into mincemeat, mincemeat looks at you … But the beer they have is delicious!” — wrote man. He also posted a photo to boot.

На президента во время речи залез огромный таракан: «Это либерал»

We also wrote that Ukrainians showed what is really going on in the trains of “Ukrzaliznytsya”. About this on his page in Facebook said the Odessa Gregory Evich. He posted a video which shows that the second-class carriage, on the walls, on the beds, on the floor, climb cockroaches and other insects.

“The Train Chernivtsi-Odessa. 6 Feb. Ordinary second-class carriage” — briefly commented on the video man, calling to make reposts.

“Just bezbiletnyi” — “palyatsya much for buzulutskov”, “Feed”, “Tin, there are no words!”, — wrote in the comments netizens.

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