The President dissolved Parliament, a new election is coming: fatal date

Президент распустил парламент, грядут новые выборы: роковая дата

The President decided on a bold step and dissolved Parliament, appointing the date for new elections

It is reported by Global News.

“A few minutes ago, I met with her Excellency the Governor-General, who accepted my request to dissolve Parliament. Canadians go to the polls on 21 October,” said Garant.

Президент распустил парламент, грядут новые выборы: роковая дата

Specify that we are talking about Canada, where Justin Trudeau dissolved Parliament.

Now the leader of the Liberal party there are five and a half weeks to convince the candidates to give his government another chance.

As previously reported, after Germany and Britain against the return of Russia to the “Big eight” (G8) made another Western country.

Canada against the return of Russia to the “Big eight”. The Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau said during a meeting with his British counterpart Boris Johnson in the framework of the G7 summit, the press service of the canadian government.

According to the above-mentioned political leaders of the two Western countries, the recovery of the Russian Federation in the group is possible only under one condition – only after the cessation of aggression against Ukraine.

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Earlier we wrote that the third of July, Vladimir Zelensky visited Canada on an official visit. Visit of the President of Ukraine in one of the social networks was published stills and details visit:

“…While in Toronto, held 9 meetings and attended several important events. Am sincerely grateful to all who had the privilege to meet — I am thankful for the support of Ukraine in its efforts for reform and development “.

The photo Ukrainian President looks cheerful and confident. It is known that during his visit to Canada he was supported by his wife Elena Zelensky. Among other well-known political figures, Vladimir Zelensky met with Kurt Walker and Justin Trudeau.

Президент распустил парламент, грядут новые выборы: роковая дата

We will remind, the UN security Council immediately going on the orders of Putin.

As reported Politeka, macron made a sensational statement, Putin said in a panic: what will happen with Ukraine.

Also Politeka wrote about the fact that Zelensky is preparing a special decree: “an important event for the country.”