The presenter raised a scandal because of the situation at the airport: “Sharashkina office, I’ll sue you in court”

Ведущий поднял скандал из-за ситуации в аэропорту: «Шарашкина контора, я подам на вас в суд»

Ukrainian TV presenter, Anatoly Anatolich raised a scandal after he was not allowed on plane, despite the presence of the ticket

He said this on his page in Facebook.

“I very rarely fly MAU, because honestly I think this company is absolutely miserable. With pleasure ready to talk about it as often as possible. Today, for example, my ticket was not able to get into the plane because my ticket was not in the priority group of passengers that fly with a stopover. This is the third time I ticket this cowboy’s office find themselves in a similar situation,” he said.

Ведущий поднял скандал из-за ситуации в аэропорту: «Шарашкина контора, я подам на вас в суд»

According to lead, the first time happened a couple of years ago.

“The first time I flew into the Dnieper a couple of years ago, to one important activity that I was put on a plane on call. In the end, I was flying in place for flight attendants. The second time I hit the “resale”, I was lucky: two people missed the flight and I barely got a seat. And so third time lucky,” he said.

In this regard, says Anatoliy Anatolich, he’s going to go to court.

“And Yes, I’ll sue you in court. And even willing to spend the money and time. And that’s important, not because I’m in a foreign country, and I lost a lot of money, because I have an important shoot in Kiev, and not because I want to see their children and stay with them for one day off, and not because I now go by taxi to Odessa, so there is a way to get to Kiev. This is important because it the MAU that can happen to anyone”, — he stressed.

As previously reported, Israel is due to the fact that Ukraine is not admitted to 35 Israelis in protest detained a plane with the Ukrainians.

About the incident on the social network Facebook said MP of Ukraine Georgy Logvynsky. The MP said that in the Kiev airport today, 35 Israelis refused entry to our country. According to him, the cause of failure has been serious and the guards acted according to the law. Someone has not enough money, someone could not confirm the purpose of his visit to Ukraine.

Ведущий поднял скандал из-за ситуации в аэропорту: «Шарашкина контора, я подам на вас в суд»

Recall that the Ukrainians were trapped in Israel.

Politeka as reported, Ukraine signed a historic agreement with Israel, “reveals the consequences for the economy”.

Politeka also wrote that the Secretary of the Jerusalem Patriarchate of Aristarchus personally gave Poroshenko a letter of Yanukovych.