The presence is enough

seule-presence-scene-chanteur-algerien(SHERBROOKE) There are legends that these need only point to the stage for the evening take instantly memorable festive atmosphere. And it is quite the power of Rachid Taha, who was passing by Sherbrooke on Sunday to the casbah rocker fence of Sherblues & Folk, all in a Granada teeming with life.

In truth, it was really great moments with the impression that Taha was just show up, a little facial expressions, many movements and calls to the party, seeking more fun to perform her latest songs and classics. Fortunately he could count on the desire to celebrate a captivated audience in advance and the incredible cast of musicians that surround the Algerian singer and give all the tone and rhythm to the show. These could include the keyboard work of Kenzi Bourras and mandolute Hakim Hamadouche.

The first notes of Djamila had barely been launched by the ubiquitous Hamadouche a first wave of dancers surged to prominence in the same swaying. sunglasses on the nose and smile, Rachid Taha arrived liked by looking around, putting some songs even before finding his own rhythm. Musicians, dancers and revelers have patiently waited, dancing, singing, clapping and snapping fingers by tacking.

A second wave is also coming dancers to add waves on Meftuh, another still on Ben Sahra. But it’s almost the end of the show, when consecutive interpretation of Ya Rayah and Rock the Casbah that everything Granada has been going without restraint. Taha gives little voice, but his presence is enough, again.

Success across the board

still had hope for a better ticket sales for the closing show, the only paid Performing Sherblues & Folk. The pit was busy, but the enclosed balcony.

“It is well known in Montreal and Quebec City, Sherbrooke least. We wanted to strike a blow for the fence, the other names we had in mind did not work. Always find someone coming out of the circuit so that it worth it “, explained yesterday the director general of Granada and organizer of the event, Alain de Lafontaine.

The move to Granada Taha had just concluded five nights Sherblues & Folk capped a great success, despite the rain that pretends to invite a few times. In the end, only the services of Jason Bajada and Whiskey Legs, both scheduled to square Strathcona, have been moved to the Loubards and Boquébière to avoid the rain.

“This is the only site where there is no stage roof to protect artists and their equipment, we did not luck,” said Alain de Lafontaine.

He estimates about 23 000 people the number of music lovers and festivals that took advantage of the performances on the outdoor stage of Wellington South and in small rooms partners. Wednesday’s opening night, this one made up of the City with the Bears trifluvian of Legend Group, was one of the most popular with that Friday when Mike Sawatski and Colocs were in town.

“A great show where most musicians except the singer played at one time or another with Colocs, noted Alain de Lafontaine. There were about 5000 people, it’s been a highlight. ”

“The sound is better on Wellington that instead of the city,” further notes the mastermind of the event, who is considering moving the opening show on the road for the next edition in 2017.

Lafontaine and his team also hope for the next edition renew a federal grant to cover the part of Heritage Canada did not contribute to meeting this year, while Destination Sherbrooke had also decreased its financial support. It is thanks to a grant from the City of Sherbrooke $ 57,000 that Sherblues & Folk can present free widest part of its programming.

“It might be considered a small contribution of the visitors as is the case at the World Festival of traditions, but it is more difficult like that in the city center with partners and merchants,” notes Alain Fountain.

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