The power stunned the new payments to Ukrainians to “give” 1800 UAH, and who – 18000

Власть ошарашила новыми выплатами украинцам: кому "подарят" 1800 грн, а кому - 18000

Ukrainians should prepare immediately to three recalculations of pensions

This writes the commentator

As you know, the closest recalculation of payments will occur in December 2019, the minimum payment will increase by 74 UAH and a maximum of 740 UAH.

Власть ошарашила новыми выплатами украинцам: кому "подарят" 1800 грн, а кому - 18000

The following two allocation scheduled for 2020, provided that if Parliament successfully approves the draft budget.

Thus, the pensions next year will increase several times — in July and in December. In the result, the minimum pension should increase from the current UAH 1564 to about 1800 UAH. Moreover, when the minimum salary in 6,5 thousand UAH (similar to the payout amount previously announced) of the Ukrainians will be able to qualify for the payment on retirement in the amount of UAH 2,4 th.

So, by law, the Ukrainians at the age of 65 years who fulfilled the norm for length of service (30 for women and 35 for men) can retire and receive a pension of not less than 2,4 thousand UAH. If the calculated pension amount is lower, then the difference should be compensated from the state budget.

In this case the increase in minimum pension to 1.8 thousand UAH maximum amount of payment allowed the Ukrainians with high (at least 8 times higher than average) salaries or special rights, it will be about 18 thousand. Minimal salary rise will only affect those citizens of Ukraine who currently receives less than this amount. The rest of the Ukrainians will receive payments according to a formula. However, already in March of the following year their payment will be recalculated, taking into account the inflation rate and dynamics of wages.

Власть ошарашила новыми выплатами украинцам: кому "подарят" 1800 грн, а кому - 18000

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For example, in the current year with the same allocation of 8.1 million pensioners received an increase of approximately 255 UAH. Each raised the pension individually. So, from 100 to 400 UAH got 2.5 million people, from 400 to 700 UAH – more than 1.5 million, from 700 to 1000 UAH 500 thousand citizens. 2 million 100 thousand pensioners having a great seniority and a pension below 1700 hryvnia, has received a one-time payment in the amount of UAH 2410.

Will receive those who had special rights. It judges, parliamentarians retired. Their payout can reach more than 20 thousand UAH. For several years in Ukraine is a limit – no one has the right to receive a pension higher than 10 minimum subsistence levels. At the moment it is 1497 UAH.

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