The popular actor became the goodwill Ambassador of the UN

Популярный актер стал послом доброй воли ООН

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The office of the UN high Commissioner for refugees announced the awarding of actor Ben Stiller, the title of the new goodwill Ambassador of the UN.

This reports the press service of the office of the UN high Commissioner for refugees.

About the decision of the organization became known after the visit of Stiller in Guatemala, where he met with refugees from Central America forced to leave their homes because of the violence. They told about how has suffered from organized crime and gangs that put people in danger of murder, rape, kidnapping.

Stiller also talked with representatives of the Department, shared the peculiarities of their work.

“I am proud and consider it a great honor to play the role of a goodwill Ambassador for UNHCR, an organization that works tirelessly around the world helping men, women and children fleeing war, terror and persecution”, – quotes the headquarters of the UNHCR statement in response Stiller.

Популярный актер стал послом доброй воли ООН


According to Stiller, he’s proud of his new title and will try to help refugees to find protection and shelter.

“More than 68 million people on earth were forced to leave their homes. Had the world not so urgently in need of our solidarity and assistance to refugees”, – said the actor.

Stiller is not the only celebrity involved in humanitarian activities of the UN. So, in June, destroyed in the battle with grouping “Islamic state” Iraqi Mosul was visited by the special envoy of the UN Committee for refugees Angelina Jolie.

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