The police dealt with the propaganda of Putin in the capital: parts and frames PE

Полиция расправилась с пропагандисткой Путина в столице: детали и кадры ЧП

The police bludgeoned the Russian propaganda

May 1, Wednesday, in Paris, the continuing unrest “yellow jackets.” Watched the journalist of the Russian propaganda resource “RIA Novosti” Victoria Ivanova and fell under the “hot hand” of the local police.

Полиция расправилась с пропагандисткой Путина в столице: детали и кадры ЧП

Reportedly, the Russian correspondent was at the epicenter of events, had pads and helmet on it was written that she was a member of the press. But all this did not help, she had suffered several blows of a police baton.

The head saved by a helmet, but the impact was also on hand.

“They took me in the direction of the volunteer doctors asked me if I needed help. From serious injuries was rescued by a helmet, but the hand is sore,” — said Victoria Ivanova.

We will remind, on may 1 in Paris, clashes broke out between police and participants of the may day demonstration.

Near the famous café “Rotonda” in the French capital all began — demonstrators started throwing stones at police. Now the police came closer and try to reason with the rioters.

It is known that more than 160 people arrested during a may day demonstration in Paris. So as of 13:15 is the total number of detainees was so, the capital in smoke, the protesters are not appeased.

We will remind, on April 20 in France rattle riots.

As a result of output to another protest so-called “yellow jackets”, dozens of activists were detained.

Started 23 weeks of protests in France. It is known that the capital Paris, 70 people were detained for carrying prohibited items. Protesters used smoke and stun grenades. It is known that the local authorities pulled together more than 60 thousand policemen and gendarmes, more than five thousand in Paris.

So today’s speech, the activists called an “ultimatum 2”. The protesters expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that the rich donate for the rebuilding of Notre Dame hundreds of millions of euros:

“Suddenly after the fire found everywhere money?!”.

We will remind, in Kiev there was a fight with aunts, destroyed almost everything: footage of attack

As reported Politeka, Notre Dame Cathedral could be saved from the fire emerged a fatal mistake.

Also Politeka wrote that part of Notre Dame began to sell via the Internet.