The pogrom began in the center of Kiev, an angry crowd near the Maidan! Security forces ready. Video and details

Погром начался в центре Киева, разъяренная толпа возле Майдана! Силовики наготове. Видео и подробности

In the center of the capital, activists started a real massacre

Maidana have demolished a fence that was installed by the government yesterday. It is known that the scene was attended by law enforcement, but the actions of the nationalists, they did not interfere.

So the activists of the Ukrainian nationalist organization demolished the fence which enclosed part of the site of construction of the complex of Heroes of Heavenly Hundred.

This was reported in the network:

“Hindered (the fence — ed.) the investigation of the murders of the Heavenly hundred,” said one of those present activists Sergey Mazur.

He added, regarding the Museum of Maidan:

“He’s already destroyed the place of death of the Hero of Ukraine Plekhanov. Now it is impossible to conduct an investigative experiment. It will never happen “.

Dismantling the Parcani on Institutsky, that savage Rosslyn ubivstva Nebesna sotn

Posted by Serhii Mazur on Saturday, May 18, 2019

We will remind also that on may 15 the owners of the cars on avtonomera blocked traffic on some streets in the Ukrainian capital.

In Kiev was partially blocked traffic on Hrushevsky street, the reason – the protest movement of the so-called “eurobserv”.

As you know, the protesters pushed hard requirement to the authorities:

“Requiring renewal grace period for customs clearance of their machines, which is due to expire on 22 may”.

We will remind, in Kiev there was a fight with aunts, destroyed almost everything: footage of attack

As reported Politeka, the man shot by police in the Dnipropetrovsk region: “Wait darkness”.

Also Politeka wrote that against Ukraine in Syria are preparing provocations: found containers of Made in Ukraine.