The plant “Stavropol Car” I built a test batch of SUVs

On 6 December representatives of the government of Stavropol territory has informed that the enterprise “Stavropol Auto” produced a test batch of SUVs. The cars were assembled in order to develop the technologies of the plant.

The company “Stavropol Auto” is still under construction, but the plant starts to test the pipeline. The Governor added: “it Is the preparation for initial sale to discover buyers with the updated product. Soon the company will start work and the first production car you can buy.”

Despite the construction in progress, in test mode launched a line where you assemble off-road cars. The company “Stavropol Auto” will carry out the full cycle of Assembly of cars. It is worth mentioning that building the plant in the Shpakovsky district, according to representatives, it will create about 100 000 cars per year.

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