The plane with Russians in flames: “the cabin in panic and the cries of children,” shots fire emergency

Самолет с россиянами охватило пламя: «в салоне паника и крики детей», кадры огненного ЧП

In the capital airport, the plane caught fire with the Russians

The incident occurred on Wednesday, April 17, in Moscow, at Vnukovo airport. Just before take-off passengers EN route from Moscow to Makhachkala, noticed that the plane on fire. At this point, the Board has already begun to gain speed for takeoff, but excited people were able to persuade the commander to stop him.

In the network appeared the video captured by the passengers, where you can see that the plane really was on fire. It was also published video from inside the plane where you can see people crowded in the cabin before evacuation, and little children screamed loudly, not knowing what was happening.

After this incident, all passengers removed from the flight. They will go in flight on another plane.

Самолет с россиянами охватило пламя: «в салоне паника и крики детей», кадры огненного ЧП

The plane belongs to UTair company and were supposed to fly from Moscow to Makhachkala at 16:25. According to preliminary data, the engine caught fire the aircraft. Experts explained that disrupting the flow of air caused the emission of flame during startup of the engine.

Earlier, we wrote about the fact that inadequate passengers staged a riot on Board the plane and then jumped out of it.

A strange incident occurred in the American city of Phoenix. It is reported by local media.

Emergency happened on Board the flight 1346 American Airlines, bound for Phoenix from Minneapolis. One of the passengers began “acting strange” while flying. 25-year-old man touched the faces of other passengers, beat them, sprayed on them an unknown liquid from the spray and cursing.

The crew decided to isolate him from people and brought the man in front of the plane, so after landing, he went first.

“As soon as the plane landed, the passenger opened the service door on the other side and jumped off the plane,” — said the airline.

Inadequate the man was detained by airport officials and handed over to the police. He was hospitalized for examination of his injuries. The other passengers were not injured, and this state of emergency does not affect the operation of the airport.

Recall that the famous Russian actor has arranged uproar in the plane.

As reported Politeka, a commotion happened on the plane with Zelensky, witnesses publish a photo.

Politeka also wrote that the plane crashed on a Golf course and broke out: “Save failed”.