The plane with Russians has not reached the popular resort: the details of the emergency

Самолет с россиянами не долетел до популярного курорта: подробности ЧП

The Russian plane made a sharp turn over the Black sea

Representatives of the airline reported that the aircraft was forced to land at the destination airport due to technical reasons.

The incident occurred with the aircraft of Red Wings, which took off from Moscow in the Turkish resort of Antalya. The plane made an emergency landing in a Russian airport, turning half way, Russian media writes.

Самолет с россиянами не долетел до популярного курорта: подробности ЧП

The crew put the liner in Krasnodar, before turning it over the Black sea. The incident happened on Tuesday, September 10.

Representatives of the airline Red Wings announced that the landing was made for technical reasons.

“The plane is Red Wings (flight 5005) interrupted flight on the route Moscow — Antalya landed on alternate airport in the airport of Krasnodar. The technical reason will be able to call after landing of the aircraft and information from the aircraft commander,” said the responsible person.

In the result of emergency landing nobody has suffered.

Later became known the cause of the accident with the aircraft. According to preliminary information, the crew had problems with communication with terrestrial services. Therefore, the aircraft commander decided to sit down at the nearest airport.

As we wrote earlier, Vladimir Putin almost killed in a plane crash.

A former pilot of the Il-96, which moved the airspace of the President of Russia Putin, Vladimir Fedorushkin shared some secrets about flying with him. This pilot has told on air of the Russian TV channel.

The pilot reported that the lunch for the plane prepared in advance, they are brought on Board in closed containers before departure. In the air flight attendants in their open and warm for Putin. In this case, Fedorushkin said that sometimes the head of the Kremlin is not very satisfied with the dishes.

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Самолет с россиянами не долетел до популярного курорта: подробности ЧП

“He wanted something tastier, go for the gusto. Pall”, — said Fedorushkin.

Also, the pilot remembered about the emergency situation on Board with Putin, which occurred on a flight from Moscow to Saint Petersburg.

“The weather in Moscow and in St. Petersburg was very poor for piloting, side wind here and there. Such gusty winds. And we take off. And at tier 5-6 meters get into the wildest buffeting”, — said the pilot.

According to him, completely knocked out the autopilot and the rudder was limited to one-third speed, but the height was a success, and had to sit down on the flooded runway. He noted that in the end, managed to successfully land the plane in Pulkovo.

Recall, the engine of the plane broke during the flight: fear through the eyes of the passenger.

As reported Politeka, crashed aircraft with the Ukrainians: there are the first pictures from the crash site.

Also Politeka wrote that the aircraft with the passengers erupted in the sky: all because the phone is charging