The plane with Russians failed to reach the resort: dozens of people on Board, “worked the red light”

Самолет с россиянами не долетел до курорта: десятки людей на борту, "сработала красная лампочка"

The plane with Russians aboard were overtaken by misfortune in the sky

Boeing 737 airline Nordwind made a hard landing in Orenburg, Russia. Back flight to Moscow now detained indefinitely.

About it reports “tv360”:

“Flight ZF 4242 Cam Ranh-Novokuznetsk to ensure the safety of the flight returned to the departure airport because of the alarm fault oil filter”.

Information on casualties yet.

“After the accident in Sheremetyevo all reinsured”, — said the airline source.

It is known that landing Boeing airline AzurAir took place in a regular mode:

“After running out of fuel landing is made safely, in the normal mode. Technical services inspect the aircraft and ensure its readiness for departure,” — said the source in the airline.

Самолет с россиянами не долетел до курорта: десятки людей на борту, "сработала красная лампочка"

Soon all the passengers will be accommodated in local hotels before establishing the technical aspects to the health of the aircraft.

It is also known that on the eve reported another cause of the emergency:

“Boeing airlines AzurAir with the Russians on Board returned to the airport of Vietnam because of the lowered wheels. After takeoff, the crew decided to return to Cam Ranh airport due to problems with the right chassis — lowered wheel”.

The company then reported that the Board for about four hours produced fuel, then landed safely, nobody was hurt.

We will remind, the tragedy in the Moscow “Sheremetyevo” shocked the world. On the eve of the network has published a new video from the scene of an emergency. It was created and flooded in the network is one of the lucky ones who managed to escape from the blazing smoky liner. He was sitting in seat 12A.

Scandalous video on YouTube published by user Oleg Molchanov. The video clearly shows how people are inactive and just watching their eyes tragedy. Moreover, flight attendants aboard a smiling at the camera and smoothing of hair, someone quietly talking on the phone, standing almost at the epicenter of the disaster.

Reaction to the video is very extensive, most people agree on the opinion that the Russian authorities failed to take adequate measures to prevent worst case, users simply exploded in a flurry of criticism of the “smiling” staff side. Many pay attention to what idle men say “the fat cats were saved – innocent children burned”, the system respond to such cases and rescuers work at the airport – do not give any explanation.

We will remind, Ukraine has bought a plane-killer, from which all refused: too dangerous.

As reported Politeka, U.S. military aircraft were spotted near the Crimea: “Bomb the Crimean bridge.”

Also Politeka wrote that a naked man “terrorized” the plane with the Russians: parts and frames PE.