The plane with Russians caught fire during takeoff: “panic and stampede”, footage from the scene of an emergency

Самолет с россиянами загорелся при взлете: "паника и давка", кадры с места ЧП

Unexpected emergency does not a little frightened passengers of the aircraft

About it write rossm.

It is reported that the incident occurred tonight at the Russian Sheremetyevo.

Самолет с россиянами загорелся при взлете: "паника и давка", кадры с места ЧП

In particular, the 178 passengers of the flight Moscow-Yerevan has been urgently evacuated from a Boeing 737 in connection with smoke in the cabin.

During an emergency evacuation of the cabin began to panic, as on Board there was a stampede. Eight people received various abrasions, bruises and sprains, and one passenger was hospitalized in a medical institution.

According to journalists, the smoke in the cabin triggered the ingress of process fluid in a life support system. After a at the company’s website has reported that passengers were evacuated because of the smell onboard the plane.

It is reported that a strange smell in the cabin appeared at 00:45 in the run-up for takeoff. After the evacuation via inflatable ramps, all passengers of the flight Moscow-Yerevan has placed in the airport building.

Then the leadership of the Russian Sheremetyevo said the evacuation began because of the smoke that emerged during the run. The aircraft commander reported to ground services about emergency situation and decided to abort the takeoff.

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Самолет с россиянами загорелся при взлете: "паника и давка", кадры с места ЧП

As previously reported, on Tuesday, July 16, in Chechnya (Russian Federation) the plane crashed in a residential home. The accident occurred in the village Novoshukinskaya shelkovskogo area around 8:00. The plane destroyed half of the building, but the ship itself suffered slightly.

In addition, the aircraft snagged a power line in the fall. Without light there are several villages and village: Novo schedrinskaya, free and scarlet-Node.

As a result of the incident injured two women with a child living in this house. According to emergency services, no fatalities. According to preliminary data, the cause of PE was the violation of safety regulations.

Recall, the engine of the plane broke during the flight: fear through the eyes of a passenger

As reported Politeka, crashed aircraft with the Ukrainians: there are the first pictures from the crash site.

Also Politeka wrote that the aircraft with the passengers erupted in the sky: all because the phone is charging