The plane with passengers crashed while taking off from the capital: the first images of the disaster

Самолет с пассажирами разбился при вылете из столицы: первые кадры катастрофы

A passenger plane crashed on Friday, 11 October, morning

The accident occurred during a flight from Wilson airport in Nairobi, capital of Kenya. This is reported by Western media.

It is reported that the plane belonged to a private Kenyan airlines Silverstone Air Services Limited.

Information on victims did not arrive yet.

Details of the disaster yet.

Самолет с пассажирами разбился при вылете из столицы: первые кадры катастрофы

Earlier it was reported that a plane full of people crashed in the ski resort. To save the passengers and pilots, who could, along with the aircraft at any moment crash down from a great height, rescuers needed a half hour.

In the ski resort of Prato Valentino in the Alps in the Italian region Lombardy crashed the plane. The aircraft crashed into the lift, tangled in the wires, and hung on them. The incident happened on October 6, but the rescue service reported it only today, writes the BBC.

The plane was carrying two people – 62-year-old driver and 55-the summer passenger.

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Within one and a half hours and 20 military personnel, firefighters and rescuers freed from dangerous traps and lowered down people. It is noted that the pilot in the accident was thrown from the cab and he was injured. The passenger was not injured.

Самолет с пассажирами разбился при вылете из столицы: первые кадры катастрофы

“They really are very, very lucky. The plane crashed into the wires, but, fortunately, he got stuck and fell to the ground. The rescue operation was very complicated. Rescuers had to very carefully maneuver through the ropes. The rope was fastened around men,” reported details of the rescue operation spokesman rescue Corporation Nazionale Soccorso Alpino e Speleologico Walter Milan.

We will remind, the terrible air crash has shaken the country: “not enough fuel”, details and footage of the tragedy.

As reported Politeka, a plane full of people crashed into the sea, to survive no chance: video of the tragedy.

Politeka also wrote that the plane crashed at the airport: “all on fire, a wall of black smoke”, the first images of PE