The plane made an emergency landing at the airport of the capital: first the details of the emergency

Самолет совершил аварийную посадку в аэропорту столицы: первые подробности ЧП

Another incident with the plane occurred in the capital’s Sheremetyevo airport

On Thursday evening, may 16, at the Moscow airport has made emergency landing Airbus-A320 largest airline Kazakhstan airline Air Astana.

The aircraft performed flight from Astana to Moscow. On Board the aircraft suddenly tripped sensor failure reverse the engine and the pilot decided to emergency land the plane, according to the Telegram-channel “112”.

Самолет совершил аварийную посадку в аэропорту столицы: первые подробности ЧП

Onboard 139 passengers and 8 crew members.

It is reported that the plane landed safely. There were no injuries.

As we wrote earlier, the passenger burnt in Sheremetyevo on may 5, Sukhoi Superjet-100 Sergey Kuznetsov admitted that in the burning cabin of an aircraft it was the daughter and asked them not to die.

45-the summer inhabitant of the Russian capital Sergey Kuznetsov, along with 44-year-old friend Alexander Sorokolet went to Murmansk fishing Superjet. However, their peaceful plans for the may holidays did not come true. Alexander died, and Sergei himself was saved by miracle.

Place friends was in the back of the plane where all the passengers were burned alive or suffocated. “Mystery,” was spread puzzled hands the doctors and investigators, looking for survivor man.

To journalists he has told that the bad feeling he had as soon as they took off. According to the man, the plane took off “somehow tight”. Sergei turned to Alexander and said: “Well, it kapets.”

“When I landed, a little relieved, but there it was. On earth began the most terrible. The plane again threw up and I then it became clear that disaster is inevitable,” – says the passenger of the fatal flight.

Sergei said that when the cabin went up in flames, everything began to crawl on all fours and greedily grabbing for breath. At this moment Sergei and had a vision.

“It was a green field, lit by the sun, which was my nine year old daughter. She was with white hair and a white dress. Daughter shouted, “Daddy, don’t die”. At this point I felt some mad burst of energy. Understand, death is near, but knew that any way needs to survive. In the aisle was a queue of people, and I realized that escape will not work. Then decided to take the risk”, – said Sergey.

Самолет совершил аварийную посадку в аэропорту столицы: первые подробности ЧП

He added that he dramatically sighed and started to crawl to the exit on the backs of chairs. The place where was chosen Sergei, was the epicenter of the fire. In the cabin melted the plastic and was a thick acrid black smoke.

“I rested the legs in the back seat, and her hands clutched at those that are ahead. And crawled from the chair to the chair” – Sergey recalls the story of his salvation.

The man is still in the hospital. The doctors say that soon he’ll be discharged. The house of Sergey waiting for wife and three children.

We will remind that the plane with the Russians failed to reach the airport: “the panic started pilots”, it’s a curse.

As reported Politeka, two aircraft with people collided in the air: a lot of victims, details of a mysterious tragedy.

Also Politeka wrote that the mysterious plane landed in Kiev: “you See, the inauguration will be…”.