The plane crashed on a popular route: “passengers were trapped in a fire”

Самолет рухнул на популярную трассу: "пассажиры оказались в огненной ловушке"

The busy highway fell and broke a light aircraft with three people

This was reported by the Daily Mail online. It is reported that the incident happened on may 12 on the highway near the town of Abergavenny in Monmouthshire in Wales, UK.

Fortunately, the passengers and the pilot helped to get out of fire traps three eyewitnesses of the accident. Very big success is the fact that the aircraft collided with the machinery.

Самолет рухнул на популярную трассу: "пассажиры оказались в огненной ловушке"

The reason that the airplane crashed became known a bit later. It turned out that the aircraft ran into a power line before crashing on the highway M40. It should be noted that the incident occurred near a private airstrip in South Wales. One of those who rescued passengers, was a former soldier, a specialist on bomb disposal by Joel Snarr. He rushed to help, along with another witness, the Manager of retail trade, to pull people out of the fire. Snarr was in the car with his wife when the plane crashed 150 meters in front of them. Snarr, according to the article, parked at a distance of 80 meters and ran to the crash site. There he met with another man who tried to break the window of the plane.

“On the other side of the roadway was someone who tried to break the window… I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her. Then the pilot reached over and I pulled him out,” said a former soldier.

Самолет рухнул на популярную трассу: "пассажиры оказались в огненной ловушке"

Earlier it was reported that the plane with Russians aboard were overtaken by misfortune in the sky. Boeing 737 airline Nordwind made a hard landing in Orenburg, Russia. Back flight to Moscow now detained indefinitely.

“Flight ZF 4242 Cam Ranh-Novokuznetsk to ensure the safety of the flight returned to the departure airport because of the alarm fault oil filter”. Information on casualties yet.

“After the accident in Sheremetyevo all reinsured”, — said the airline source. It is known that landing Boeing airline AzurAir took place in a regular mode.

Recall that the aircraft landing had a dent and holes.

As reported Politeka, the plane with passengers crashed when the aircraft was trying to land.

Also Politeka wrote that inadequate passengers staged a riot on Board the plane and then jumped out of it.