The plane crashed near the city: “smoke to the heavens”, the details of the emergency

Самолет потерпел крушение вблизи города: "дым до небес", подробности ЧП

In Germany, crashed military fighter

For example, in Germany in the small town of Trier, crashed military fighter. It is reported Politeka with reference to the police of the city of Trier.

The first calls about the incident came at 15:15 local time. Then there were two emergency call. They were talking about the fact that the plane crashed in the area of Summer-of Rhodt (FIDE). Soon after, the suspicion was confirmed. It is, according to reports, on the military plane. The pilot was able to escape the bailout and was taken to the hospital.

Самолет потерпел крушение вблизи города: "дым до небес", подробности ЧП

While the cause of the accident is not installed. The police immediately arrived at the scene of the accident and protected areas o Traffic in the area suspended. Authorities have advised residents to avoid the scene of the accident, or vehicles — to use detours. In addition, limited air traffic over the area.

According to some media reports in this case we are talking about the crash of an F16 fighter. It is also stated that this may be an American plane. So how near this place is a military base of the United States.

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Самолет потерпел крушение вблизи города: "дым до небес", подробности ЧП

Earlier it was reported that in Lviv region crashed the plane an-12. According to one version he was carrying contraband, but because of the lack of fuel have fallen short to the airport. “He didn’t have to refuel in Lviv. He asked for an extra opportunity to refuel and just has not held up to the runway a few miles. Here near a house, and if he fell there would be a catastrophe,” — said the mayor of the city.

We will remind, the terrible air crash has shaken the country: “not enough fuel”, details and footage of the tragedy.

As reported Politeka, a plane full of people crashed into the sea, to survive no chance: video of the tragedy.

Politeka also wrote that the plane crashed at the airport: “all on fire, a wall of black smoke”, the first footage of emergency.