The plane crashed near the airport: “a flame shot up to heaven”, eerie footage of the disaster

Самолет рухнул рядом с аэропортом: "пламя взметнулось до небес", жутки кадры катастрофы

In the US, the plane carrying parts for cars, crashed

Thus, it became known that close to the airport of the city of Toledo, Ohio, crashed plane, which was carrying car parts. About it reports TV channel WTVG Wednesday, September 11.

Самолет рухнул рядом с аэропортом: "пламя взметнулось до небес", жутки кадры катастрофы

On Board the aircraft at the time of the crash were two people. While their fate is not known. As soon as the plane crashed, it burst into flames. The fire was quickly eliminated. As noted, service the airport, to the moment of the crash they had not received any signals about problems on Board.

The police blocked all roads of access to the airport while on the scene working emergency services.

Earlier it was reported that the plane with Russian tourists on Board did not reach its final destination. Reportedly, the incident occurred on Board the Red Wings. He was heading from Moscow to the Turkish resort of Antalya. The plane was forced to make a sharp turn in the sky over the Black sea.

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According to the company, it was a forced action associated with the technical malfunctions on Board.

“The plane is Red Wings (flight 5005) interrupted flight on the route Moscow — Antalya landed on alternate airport in the airport of Krasnodar. The technical reason will be able to call after landing of the aircraft and information from the aircraft commander,” said the responsible person.

As a result of incident nobody has suffered. It later emerged that the reason was the lack of communication with terrestrial services. Therefore, the commander decided on an emergency landing.

Recall, the engine of the plane broke during the flight: fear through the eyes of the passenger.

As reported Politeka, crashed aircraft with the Ukrainians: there are the first pictures from the crash site.

Also Politeka wrote that the aircraft with the passengers erupted in the sky: all because the phone is charging