The plane crashed in the most modern airport, there are victims: details

Самолет разбился в самом современном аэропорту, есть жертвы: подробности

The plane crashed during the verification at the airport ground navigation systems

In one of the most modern and functional not only in the United Arab Emirates, but worldwide airport in Dubai, the plane crashed.

The tragedy occurred on Thursday, may 16. It is reported that the crashed single-engine aircraft, the Diamond DA40. On Board the aircraft were four crew members – three British citizens and one South African.

Самолет разбился в самом современном аэропорту, есть жертвы: подробности

They all died.

The plane belonged to the American company Honeywell. The crew carried out inspections of the ground navigation systems “air gates” of the UAE.

Due to the incident part of the flight from Dubai was diverted to another airport in the Emirate.

As previously reported, the crash of the plane in the woods of the Romanian Buzau County killed two businessmen who were on Board the aircraft.

According to preliminary data, the plane was at the airport Cluj, departed from the city of Brasov in the center of the country and went to the main port of Romania is Constanta.

The causes of the crash remain unknown, but, according to rescuers, the weather conditions were unfavorable for flying. On this day in Romania was torrential rains and very strong wind.

Earlier we wrote that on may 9 in the Romanian forest crashed helicopter. We are talking about the area, which is located near the border with Ukraine. The aircraft was found at the scene of an emergency without any registration plates, local law enforcement authorities suggested that the helicopter illegally crossed the airspace of Romania.

Media reported that next to the helicopter was found the body of a man who probably was the pilot of the vessel. It became known that the deceased was 47-year-old citizen of Belarus Dmitry Kostikov.

Самолет разбился в самом современном аэропорту, есть жертвы: подробности

It is noted that the dead man was wanted in his native country on March 5, 2019: then went to the capital of Belarus train to Lviv, and then in Mukachevo, where in fact disappeared.

Romanian law enforcement has also named probable cause of the crash near the Ukrainian border. They suggested that the helicopter was flying at low altitude to avoid being noticed by the guards, touched trees and crashed to the ground.

Recall that two planes with people collided in the air: a lot of victims, details of a mysterious tragedy.

As reported Politeka, with Putin’s plane was an emergency, raised NATO fighters.

Politeka also wrote that the plane crashed on a popular route: “passengers were trapped in a fire”.