The plane crashed directly on the roadway: “he lit up like a match”, footage of fire emergency

Самолет рухнул прямо на проезжую часть: "вспыхнул, как спичка", кадры огненного ЧП

A small plane crashed right into the roadway and caught fire

As it became known, a small plane for unknown reasons fell on the road in California. About this incident reports the Sacramento Bee.

Самолет рухнул прямо на проезжую часть: "вспыхнул, как спичка", кадры огненного ЧП

“The plane crashed on 99 highway on Friday evening near Crow Landing Road in Modesto”, — stated in the message.

It is reported that the pilot during the emergency, not much affected. He has got injuries of mild severity. He was immediately given medical assistance and his life is not in danger. On the plane, he was alone. The reasons for the fall is still unknown. Plane crash no ground vehicle was not damaged.

Самолет рухнул прямо на проезжую часть: "вспыхнул, как спичка", кадры огненного ЧП

The pilot was a man of 59 years old from Santa Cruz.

The accident occurred at 19:48 local time. After the fall of the plane caught fire, firefighters extinguished the flames.

Earlier it was reported that a military helicopter crashed during a flight. In the West, the Central African Republic in Bouar crashed military helicopter “Mi-35”. Air unit belonged to the armed forces of Senegal. The crew performed a peacekeeping mission of UN in the Central African Republic.

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The head of the UN mission Mankeur Ndiaye confirmed the helicopter crash. He also added that the accident occurred when the helicopter was landing.

The crash killed three people. The fourth received serious injuries and was taken to a medical facility to provide the necessary assistance. The helicopter was returning from a mission – after the operation against armed groups.

It was also reported that in Jiangsu province in Eastern China helicopter suddenly lost control during a training flight in China. In the fall, a civilian helicopter on the spot killed two people – the instructor and a trained pilot.

We will remind, state of emergency in aircraft: flight suddenly stopped, there was a video from the salon

As reported Politeka, cars with military crashed in an accident.

Also Politeka wrote that the incident occurred in Odessa, rushed all services: urgent evacuation began