The plane crash at Sheremetyevo airport: there is a new video “fire” landing”, which explains everything

Авиакатастрофа в Шереметьево: появилось новое видео "огненной" посадки", которое объясняет все

The new version of the video shows new details of the tragic landing of SSJ-100 at the airport

Full video version of the landing of the liner SSJ-100 on may 5 in Sheremetyevo appeared online, as reported on the resource “”. The video shows the plane make a hard hit on the runway and then began to burn.

Frames of the clip show that the aircraft “Aeroflot” starts to sit down and at some point hits the runway, bounces off it. This happens twice, then lights up the tail of SSJ-100.

The plane continues to move only by inertia. Leaves a fiery trail. Recall that at this time inside the ship were men. As soon as the fire occurred, people immediately began to die. They don’t even have time to undo the seat belts. It is worth noting that among the passengers of the aircraft was presumably a Ukrainian woman named Tatiana Belik, writes TSN. The SSJ-100 took off from the airport “Sheremetyevo”, but soon the crew asked the air traffic control emergency landing. During landing, the aircraft began to burn. In the cabin there was a terrible panic. Among the passengers was a citizen of our country. “Our consuls check information concerning a citizen injured by a fire on the plane #SSJ100 in Sheremetyevo,” he wrote on Twitter the Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin.

Авиакатастрофа в Шереметьево: появилось новое видео "огненной" посадки", которое объясняет все

He expressed condolences to families whose relatives were killed in a terrible fire, and wished a speedy recovery are in hospitals. “Human life is priceless, in the civilized world understands this,” – said Klimkin.

All the neighbors around the cabin Ukrainka died. She Belik hospitalized in a Moscow hospital of a name of Sklifosovsky.

“At the Institute Sklifosovsky four patients. One heavy patient 50 years with polytrauma, with thermoinsulation trauma, i.e. burns of the upper respiratory… the flame burns no more than 15 percent relative to the surface,” – said about the state of Ukrainian health Minister of Russia Veronika Skvortsova.

Also we will remind that the staff of Sheremetyevo fun, while the plane was burning people.

As reported Politeka, the last rescued from the plane in Sheremetyevo made a confession.

Also Politeka wrote that he became aware of the horrible fate of the passengers burned the plane at Sheremetyevo.