The pilot sat behind the wheel and there was a terrible: the details of the emergency

Пилот сел за штурвал и произошло страшное: подробности ЧП

A disaster almost occurred during a single flight pilot

In Australia, the pilot, who interned during the flight he was unconscious for 40 minutes.

Australian Bureau of transport security (ATSB) launched an investigation into the incident, when one of the pilots for forty minutes, did not respond to calls for air traffic control, reports The Independent.

Пилот сел за штурвал и произошло страшное: подробности ЧП

It turned out that the man just lost consciousness.

During an official investigation revealed that before the big flight, the pilot did not sleep a day, and before you get behind the controls of an airplane, ate a chocolate bar and drank the energy drink.

At the height of 1.6 kilometers, the pilot felt a severe headache. He turned on the autopilot and immediately lost consciousness.

In this state he spent practically an hour. Air traffic controllers all the time trying to contact him but to no avail.

When the man came to, he managed to land the plane at the destination.

As we wrote earlier in the pilot, from the flight, began doing pirouettes with a hint. He drew in the air words and… something else.

The pilot was to test a new jet engine. For this, he in light airplanes “Diamond Star” was supposed to fly at a certain speed. The pilot carried out the task. However, flying a bit bored and decided to entertain themselves.

Пилот сел за штурвал и произошло страшное: подробности ЧП

He came up with three hours in the air to draw the phrase “I’m bored” (“I’m bored”). But apparently this seemed to him a little and he began to break away at full speed – depicted two figures similar to the male genital organ. All this artwork was depicted on the website FlightAware.

This trick has not gone unnoticed. The employee of Management of safety of civil aviation Peter Gibson on a question of journalists, said that if the pilot during the flight on the aircraft adhered to the norms and safety regulations, absolutely not significantly, a path adhered to the plane.

Recall that in “the Sheremetyevo” has cancelled flight one “Superjet”.

As reported Politeka, mystery of the fiery disaster at Sheremetyevo airport: “It was recorded by the recorder”.

Also Politeka wrote that in a network there was a hell of footage from the cabin of the burning plane, from which the blood run cold.