The phone conversation ended in tragedy: the woman could not straighten fingers

Разговор по телефону закончился трагедией: женщина не могла разогнуть даже пальцы

Are increasingly found the history that China has something to do with smartphones

The Network often fall article about how in China the smartphone will explode, then people from the games blind. While such cases related to injuries from machinery, are quite common and their number continues to grow, writes Сlutch.

Was no exception and a resident of China from Changsha. The girl was distinguished by the constant habit of speaking on the phone. And she went on vacation and decided to rest, but his occupation didn’t even think to throw.

Разговор по телефону закончился трагедией: женщина не могла разогнуть даже пальцы

So, instead of enjoying a long-awaited holiday, she decided to pay attention to yourself and the beautiful scenery. The girl chose to talk on the phone. What did this girl not in a free time, and constantly, only occasionally stopping to sleep.

Due to the fact that virtually the entire week she did not let the phone out of his hand, the young Chinese woman was waiting for an unexpected effect, which, in principle, not have to wait long.

The girl began to appear quite pain in the right hand, which she always kept a smartphone. And then, some time later, she realized with horror that he could not straighten the fingers: they simply crouched in the position in which she kept her smartphone.

Once the Chinese realized that her hand really need medical assistance, she promptly went to the doctors. The doctors examined her hand, putting the diagnosis of tenosynovitis, which in plain language means “inflammation of the membranes of the tendons”.

Разговор по телефону закончился трагедией: женщина не могла разогнуть даже пальцы

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However, the girl was lucky because her disease can be cured, and she is again able to use the device, which did not want to let go. However, when the girl was cured, the doctors recommended her not to use your phone, and much more likely to take breaks than it did before. However, if you do not want this effect had an impact on your performance, we advise you not to use the equipment, listening to the advice of doctors.

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