The Peuplade offers a new collection

mylene-bouchard-simon-philippe-turcotThe famous Peuplade 10 years. To do so, in addition to organizing a big party on May 28, the publishing house launches into a specific project. Foreign literature in translation collection will be created. A challenge that inspires both publishers.

Within a decade, the Peuplade has created its own identity. The publishing house of Simon Mylène Bouchard and Philippe Turcot is constantly changing. Initially, the publishers wanted to create jobs and remain in the regions. Over time, the mission of the home they created became clear.

The Peuplade focuses on Quebec literature and translations of English Canada. So far, 65 titles were published.

The publisher now wants to broaden his horizons by creating the collection Fictions North.

The Peuplade account publish texts in northern Quebec, northern Canada, Scandinavia and Alaska.

“We live in the winter, cold, nature, food was similar to Scandinavia. We like a lot, but we have very little contact. We wanted to choose the works that would result in Quebec, “says Simon Philippe Turcot.

To do so, the Peuplade embarks on a first adventure sociofinancement. An approach that allows to raise money that will be used to purchase translation rights and cover translation costs, while checking the interest of readers for the project.

The campaign aims to raise $ 5,000 or more in a month. By donation, the public can choose rewards, including receive books to be published.

“Such a campaign, it does almost not in the publishing community. Often it is more campaigns of survival, which is not our case. Since this is a project that involves more risks, the campaign can probe the real interests of the people, “says Simon Philippe Turcot who stresses that the project entails costs with which the publisher has not cope usually including travel, buying translation rights and hiring a translator.

To date, several donors have come forward. “The Peuplade, it is a community. We worked a lot on the installation of this community. ”

The duo hopes to become a benchmark of Scandinavian literature.

“We want to take our place in foreign literature and compete with French publishers. Currently, they run what is published in French in foreign literature, “says Mylène Bouchard.

The duo is more motivated. “Our profession brings us already to travel all over the world. All publishers are going to the same place and are seeking the same things; large commercial success. We, that is not our niche. We decided to do things differently. We will focus on the north, go less in book fairs, “says Simon Philippe Turcot.


On 28 May, an entertainment evening performance and highlighting the 10 years of The Peuplade is organized at the inn PEI Repos Péribonka. The notes, there remain forty, are available at $ 15 via the PEI Rest Inn.

Relatives of the publishing house will be on hand throughout the weekend. An opportunity to meet and reflect on the next few years in the world of the book.

“We will not say that it is well in the world of books if the authors are not able to live what they do. We must be able to build great careers of writers, “says Simon Philippe Turcot.

“A good writer is a writer who creates,” says Mylène Bouchard.

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