The people’s Deputy from BPP Ruslan Demchak brought a huge amount from his Bank: “dirty money”

Нардеп от БПП Руслан Демчак вывел огромную сумму из своего банка: «грязные деньги»

The Bank in the first quarter, sharply reduced its assets

The people’s Deputy of Ukraine from party BPP Ruslan Demchak brought from the Bank “PBC Bank” a huge amount.

So, we are talking about 128 millions of hryvnia, which Demchak had on Deposit in the financial institution on January 1, 2019, the newspaper writes

Нардеп от БПП Руслан Демчак вывел огромную сумму из своего банка: «грязные деньги»

All in all, as noted, in the first quarter of the current year the assets of “PBC Bank” laundering “dirty money”, “relieved” to 126 million from 973 to 847 million hryvnia.

It is also reported that decreased customer funds decreased from 731 to 603 million or UAH 128 million.

As the newspaper notes, the sole shareholder of the Bank and Chairman of the Board is Alexander Stetsyuk. However, the Bank monitors Ruslan Demchak.

The national Bank of Ukraine fined “PBC Bank” on 3 million UAH due to the fact that the institution has engaged in dark deeds – washed dirty money through bonds of domestic state loan of Ukraine.

Later in the same month of the Bank was dismissed by the head of financial monitoring Department Inna Medvedev, and in a few days we were asked to leave the chief accountant Lyudmila Korniychuk and Vice-Chairman of the Board Olesya leaves.

Most likely, in the “PBC Bank” are preparing for the introduction of an interim administration followed by liquidation.

Note that the “PBC Bank” was created in 2015.

Нардеп от БПП Руслан Демчак вывел огромную сумму из своего банка: «грязные деньги»

As previously reported, the Ukrainians, having free funds, the banks bypass the tenth road. Only four out of ten people in our country put their money in Bank accounts.

Publishing UBR conducted a survey and found out what an alternative to Bank deposits found the inhabitants of our country. So, people, save up some money, do not rush to carry them to a banking institution. Ukrainians keep their savings “under the pillow”.

Keep money at home and consider it much more reliable than to trust their banks.

According to polls, 53% of Ukraine’s banks say “no” and prefer their money not to leave, what to carry them on Deposit.

17,5% said that they have extra money simply does not. 8,5% of Ukrainian respondents noted that they wished to give “a price” for the lease of the Bank safe. And only 6.6% of the population who participated in the survey said that investing their savings in precious metals and stocks.

Recall that the Ukrainians have to earn the coins: “instead of deposits”.

As reported Politeka, interest rates on deposits dramatically collapses: the national Bank made a statement.

Also Politeka wrote that cash banned: NBU prepared a new outrageous rules, “will affect everyone.”