The people of India survived after absorbing more than 600 nails

Authoritative press of India reported about a unique luck, a resident of Calcutta, remaining alive after eating 639 nails. Currently suffering from schizophrenia, patient is undergoing rehabilitation after surgery on the stomach.

According to the staff of the medical center of Calcutta, a strange man approached them with complaints of acute abdominal pain. Much to the surprise of specialists, x-rays showed the presence in the stomach of the patient the huge number of long, thin metal objects. In order to save the man’s life, doctors immediately decided to operate on him. As a result of surgical intervention from the stomach of the people of India managed to extract 639 5-inch nails with a total weight of 1.3 kilograms. It is noted, despite a difficult operation and razumnosti the act committed, the internal organs of the patient remained intact.

As it turned out, the Indian resident of Calcutta for many years schizophrenia, eating regularly and other household items. After passing through recovery from surgery, “strange” man need psychiatric rehabilitation.

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