The pensioner went alone across the ocean on a flotation device details

Пенсионер отправился в одиночку через океан на необычном плавсредстве: подробности

French pensioner decided on a crazy adventure – he wanted to swim across the ocean to a swimming facility, is not designed for serious travel

Note that the adventurer’s name is Jean-Jacques Savin, he is 72 years old, he was former military.

And a voyage across the Atlantic ocean, the French pensioner went in the barrel, which also had no engine. In my journey Savin went in December last year. Started retired from the Canary Islands, writes France 24.

Пенсионер отправился в одиночку через океан на необычном плавсредстве: подробности

After 122 days, the man almost reached the goal – he sailed to the Caribbean.

“After 122 days and nine hours of sailing I crossed the Meridian, which means that I am in the Caribbean. The journey is completed!”, – happily reported the desperate traveler.

He also added that he now thinks like him to go back home to France

It is reported that the unusual craft Savino are made from laminated wood and weighs 400 pounds. The barrel was built panels that produce energy. Also, the barrels were side Windows and even on the floor below “could see the fish.”

As previously reported, scientists have discovered a strange creature in the ocean: look right through his head.

N Bolsa (about 15 cm in length) fish, called the Smallmouth macropinna or packages (Macropinna microstoma) surprises with its unprecedented abilities. This fish lives at a depth of 500-800 meters in the North Pacific ocean. Despite the fact that it is open by biologists in 1939, it is still poorly understood, as it dwells too deep.

However, in 2009 it was able to collect some data. The peculiarity of this fish is that the upper part of the head it is transparent, and large eyes in the shape of a drum located inside the head. Fish head filled with clear fluid that surrounds her eyes.

Due to the presence in the eyes of a special yellow pigment, they have yarkozelenaya color. The eyes themselves, due to the special structure of ocular muscles, can be in vertical and horizontal position.

Пенсионер отправился в одиночку через океан на необычном плавсредстве: подробности

The fish feeds mainly on zooplankton. The structure of the eye allows it to see prey, and in front, and above it. When the production is at the level of the mouth, the fish quickly grabs her.

Recall that scientists have discovered an anomalous island in the Indian ocean: “the parallel worlds”.

As reported Politeka, NASA launches a submarine into the ocean, incredible photo.

Also Politeka wrote that scientists have discovered a new Bermuda triangle anomaly “absorbed” the ship with the crew.