The penalty for unpaid Parking tickets will increase to 5 thousand rubles from January 9

In Moscow since January 9, 2019 twice will increase the penalty for unpaid Parking tickets.

The corresponding document was signed by mayor Sergei Sobyanin. Legislation published on the official portal of the head of Moscow.

So, according to the document, since January 9, 2019 the penalty for unpaid Parking in Moscow will amount to 5 thousand rubles instead of the 2.5 thousand who apply today.

Consequently, fines will be doubled.

As reported by the media, the law on increase twice penalties in Moscow on December 26, 2018 was made by the deputies of the Moscow city Duma.

In the explanatory note to the document, the capital’s Deputy noted that the penalty is disproportionate to Parking fees.

Sobyanin has signed the law on Thursday, December 27, 2018.

However, such a solution is not agreed, the deputies of the liberal democratic party, which sent the mayor an official letter asking not to sign the document.

In his address, the deputies of the state Duma of the Russian Federation stated that the increase in doubled fines for non-payment of a Parking in Moscow is of a repressive nature, as well as what adopted was the law in record time.

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