The path to the launch of a new electricity market open – NKREKP issued a license to “market Operator” and “Guaranteed buyer”

Путь к запуску нового рынка электроэнергии открыто - НКРЕКП выдала лицензии «Оператору рынка» и «Гарантированный покупателю»

The national Commission, carrying out state regulation in spheres of power and utilities, issued a license to operate in the new electricity market for GP “market Operator”, which will serve as a platform for the operation of the market “day ahead” and vnutridnevnaya market as well as for GP “Guaranteed buyer” that will participate in the JI mechanism and to buy electricity produced from renewable sources at “green” tariff.

The decision was taken at today’s meeting of the regulator, according to Expo Consulting.

“I propose to support the proposal Management and issue a license for the exercise of the functions of market operator GP Operator “market” … the Decision was made “, — said the first decision of the Commission Chairman Oksana Krivenko.

Presenting a decision about the license of “Certified buyer”, the representatives of the staff of the Commission noted that the state has eliminated past abuses, allows to obtain a GP license.

Offer to grant a license to GP “Guaranteed buyer” for the right of implementation of activities to implement the functions of a guaranteed buyer, “—said the Chairman of the Commission.

As reported, July 1, should be introduced a new electricity market, which is part of the international obligations of Ukraine regarding the implementation of the Third energy package of the European Union (EU). For a timely start of the market, the government on the basis of the state enterprise (SE) “Energorynok” was established two state-owned enterprises “market Operator” and “Guaranteed buyer”.

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USAID is recommended to run the power market on July 1 in the safe mode. American experts believe that the opening of the wholesale electricity market in safe mode will increase market efficiency and reduce the unpredictability of pricing. As well as helping to identify problematic issues in the rules of functioning of the market and legal framework.

Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman promised that the new electricity market will be introduced in a timely manner, and price shocks to consumers will not. Prices for the population will remain at current levels adopted by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of the mechanism of PSO (Public Service Obligation, special obligations).