The participant of the show “Want in VIA GRU” Julia Efremenkova became the new leading “House-2”

In the ranks of the leading controversial reality show of channel TNT “Dom-2” is coming replenishment.

The new host of the popular telestroke love became the participant of the TV show Julia Efremenkova, which is also well-known Russians to participate in the program “Want in VIA GRU”. Relevant information was published in the telegram-channel portal “Super”.

Julia Efremenkova (Kiriyenko) was born in Tuapse, on 2 April 1987. She’s a childhood dream to win a stage at the age of 5 she began to study singing, and after three years performing professionally. Her first CD the young singer has recorded in 12 years. Later her family moved to Krasnodar, where she graduated from high school and music school. There Julia met her future husband, actor Timur by Efremenkova, whom she married in 2012.

With him Efremenkova moved to Moscow, where she began to take the first steps on the path to fame and popularity. A new capital, the leading “House-2” became a member of disco group “the Diamond”, which went to conquer the jury of the show “Want in VIA GRU”. But when he reached the third round of the program, Yulia took off. After that, she dabbled in extreme draft channel STS “Wild game”, which was also attended by her husband.

When Efremenkova marriage broke up, the girl never managed to build a career, went looking for love on “the House-2”. On telestroke Julia planned to win the heart of Gleb Zhemchugov, who, after talking with her for a few days, called Efremenkova cabalistas evil aunt. But the girl managed to stay on the project and cast a spell on another party – Sergey Kucherov.

Note that the couple are serious – Sergey and Yulia already started to discuss marriage and birth of children, and Efremenkova had been watching the apartment where they can settle and Kucerova after leaving the project. However the girl was plagued by doubts about what was waiting for her boyfriend outside the perimeter, but her young man, on the contrary, expresses its readiness to settle down and start a family.

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