The participant of group “freestyle” status Nina Kirso: “open eyes for four months”

Участник группы "Фристайл " о состоянии Нины Кирсо: "Открывает глаза уже четыре месяца"

Member of musical group “freestyle” commented on Nina Kirso

About it reports the edition “Komsomolskaya Pravda in Ukraine”. As you know, Nina, Kira is in coma since June last year. Reportedly, Andrei Razin, a Russian producer, posted a photo with the singer on the social network Instagram. Under the photo he wrote the following: “After an eight-month coma, the leader of the group “freestyle” Nina Kirso opened his eyes. The state of the singer remains dire”. Because of this, fans began to spread the rumor that Nina is out of her coma.

Участник группы "Фристайл " о состоянии Нины Кирсо: "Открывает глаза уже четыре месяца"

Participant of group “freestyle” Sergei Kuznetsov said that the opening of the eyes does not mean that people came to. “Nina opens her eyes for the last four months, but it does not mean that she regained consciousness. Eyes open, but they are in place, as a blind person. Nina did not react when it is accessed,” — said Kuznetsov. In addition, Sergey said that a misconception about what Nina Kirso came out of the coma, could occur due to misunderstanding mutual friend Razin and Kuznetsova. During correspondence Kuznetsov wrote to him that Nina periodically opens her eyes. And though the consciousness of it has not yet come, doctors have not called such a state of coma, and perhaps due to the fact that the friend is a Kazakh German, he may have misunderstood the meaning of the phrase.

Close friends Nina continue to visit her. But doctors do not give any forecasts, because in this situation they can not be given. Hope for a miracle, which is always theoretically could happen. To date, there is no reaction, the food Nina by artificial means. This is a false rumor, though with good intentions.

Участник группы "Фристайл " о состоянии Нины Кирсо: "Открывает глаза уже четыре месяца"

Earlier it was reported that many of his colleagues on a creative workshop expressed a desire to help the soloist of group “freestyle” and to organize a fundraiser.

It became known that Nina Kirso is still in hospital in a coma. We will remind, on Saturday in the artist suffered a stroke, unconscious, she was in the hospital. On the Friday before nothing boded trouble, but at night the accident happened.

Poltava now doctors are fighting for the health and life of people’s favorite.

“Nina in a poor state, waiting for a second operation,” — said Igor Lachin, concert Director of the group “freestyle”.

Recall that there are new details about the state lapsed into a coma, the soloist of “freestyle”.

As reported Politeka, the husband of the famous Ukrainian singer, in a coma, not satisfied with the quality of medicine in the hospital of Kiev.

Politeka also wrote that the famous soloist of the Ukrainian group in a serious condition.