The Parliament propose to adopt a law on language “for a second time”: “All for people”

Раде предлагают принять закон о языке «по второму разу»: «Все для людей»

The permanent Commission of the Kyiv city Council supported the initiative about introduction of single Ukrainian sign language

Thus, in KCSA expressed the need for the creation of the draft law “On the Ukrainian sign language” which will set the status thereof as a state for people with special needs, according to “”.

Раде предлагают принять закон о языке «по второму разу»: «Все для людей»

“Gestural language used by many in Ukraine. Although on television or, for example, in some companies, there are attempts to tailor its broadcasts and services to people with such needs but not sufficient to enable them to participate fully in cultural, political or social life. So — a constitutional right they must ensure that the law on Ukrainian sign language, which would develop it on par with other languages,” — said in the KSCA.

Now for the promotion of initiatives, the document should be considered by the Commission kiyevsovet concerning culture, tourism and information policy. Earlier it was reported that the Ukrainians are pissed off because of the new attempts to “legalize” the Russian language. It is noted that the scandal occurred in one of the educational institutions of the Dnieper. The corresponding photo in his personal Twitter announced the blogger under the pseudonym “Vasyl Stus”.

According to him, in secondary school №7 suddenly raised the question of studying the Russian language as the language of “indigenous peoples”.

Раде предлагают принять закон о языке «по второму разу»: «Все для людей»

“Well, the first swallows have gone? In the river begin to distribute questionnaires to study Russian language as a language of “indigenous peoples”. Despite the fact that in the questionnaire there are other languages, the question is what about the Russian”, — stated in the caption to the published photograph.

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