The painting “Girl with balloon” samanimelise shortly after selling over 1 million GBP

The focus of the Banksy painting at auction shocked the art world.

Полотно «Дівчинка з повітряною кулькою» самознищилося невдовзі після продажу за 1 мільйон англійських фунтів стерлінгів

Street artist Banksy has shocked the world one of the most incredible hoaxes in the history of art, organized self-destruct one of his most famous paintings in a few minutes after the sale at auction for 1 million English pounds sterling, informs Rus.Media.

The painting “Girl with balloon” was the final lot of the auction Sothbeby”s in London last week, its price is on par with the previous record of the artist 1.04 million pounds.

Shortly after the fall of the hammer, the canvas started to move through the shredder built into a picture frame.

Banksy has published in Instagram photo cut into strips of cloth hanging down with the words “going, going, gone… ”. The word “matter” in this context is set to “gone, gone”.

“Looks like we got the ex – Banksy,” said Alex Branch, senior Director of Sotheby’s and head of modern art in Europe.

Sotheby’s told the Financial Times: “We spoke with the buyer who was very surprised by this story. We are discussing the next steps”

The auction house declined to name the buyer.

Saturday night Banksy released a video in his Instagram account, which shows how he has mounted the chopper in the frame. The story was accompanied by the comment: “a Few years ago, I secretly built a chopper in the painting”.

The clip shows the figure in the hood, which finishes the installation, and then on the screen appears: “In case the picture ever gets to the auction”.

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On the website, which sells the work of Banksy, said that the value of the painting “Girl with balloon” grew annually by 20 percent.

The auction only added glory to the picture, and assume that the buyer name lucky, and the money spent will bring him a good income as a result of the situation.

The painting was included in a story in his napustaju, and its cost has grown by at least 50%, maybe up to a projected 2 million.

“Girl with balloon”, which by a vote recognized as the best work of art in the UK, first appeared on the wall of one of the streets in East London. In the form of pattern work has appeared in 2006, made with acrylic paints on canvas.

The real identity of the artist who was born in Bristol, was never known, despite a lot of speculation on this topic.

He became famous with graffiti appeared on buildings throughout the UK and had a deep satirical subtext.

Two new creatures appeared in Barbsaka centre in London in September 2017, dedicated to the forthcoming exhibition Jean-Michel Basquiat.
Announcing new works in a series of publications in Stargram, the artist said: “the Exhibition Basquiat opens at a place that seeks to avoid graffiti on their walls.” Work since then has been protected.

Even wyszukane trick Banksy happened 3 years ago when he opened Dismaland, “family Park for young children”, on the seafront in Weston-Super-Mare.

Полотно «Дівчинка з повітряною кулькою» самознищилося невдовзі після продажу за 1 мільйон англійських фунтів стерлінгів

The Guardian has described the institution as something “sometimes funny, sometimes enlightening, and sometimes frankly shocking”.

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