The owners of the speakers and media player by Google has encountered problems

Last night, a massive failure occurred in the work of smart speakers and Home Google Chromecast. For any command the device responded with error notification.

Владельцы колонок и медиаплеера от Google столкнулись с проблемами


Users of smart speakers and Home Google Chromecast last night faced an unexpected problem in their devices, in response to any action the software device reported about the error and offered to repeat the action later. Users report that the icon is a digital media player Chromecast disappeared with a PC.

After numerous complaints from users of the Google representatives were quick to inform that currently are working on the solution to the problem. On the morning of 28 June, the developers announced about the release of a special update that will help solve the error. If downloading the update does not work, the representatives of the company recommend to reboot the smart columns, and if the problem persists, the device owners need to contact support.

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