The owners of Beachclub eyeing Quebec

famille-olivier-primeau-investi-plus(Quebec) Could the Quebec City experience the Beachclub in 2017? At least that is the goal of Olivier Primeau, co-owner of the facility reserved for 18+ Pointe-Calumet.

Reached by Le Soleil, the young entrepreneur of 30 years does not hide its interest in the capital in order to hold several festive events in the open. Moreover, it does not preclude the possibility to meet members of Labeaume administration in the fall to them of his ideas.

“Quebec is a favorite spot. […] It is a destination where I would really like to go, “he says on the phone. “I think in Quebec and around, up to half an hour or forty minutes [downtown].”

Currently, Mr. Primeau is still working to develop his concept of mobile Beachclub. The latter is a concept “ready-to-go” – that is to say of facilities including a swimming pool, a glass tent, tables and chairs – which can be moved by truck through different cities.

Christened The Oasis, the mobile bar could accommodate between 1,000 and 5,000 revelers. These are the DJ’s Beach Club in Pointe-Calumet that would charm the role of the electro music lovers.

For summer 2017, if all goes as planned, the young businessman, whose family made a fortune in supermarkets, would hold some events in the region.

“It is certain that a temporary beach club for two or three weekends on the Plains of Abraham, that would be amazing,” he advance as idea, saying he had been for the moment no formal discussion with the city ​​or manager of the premises, the national battlefields Commission. “But I have had people who have approached me to talk about,” he continues.

Beauport Bay, especially with the allowable swimming, is also a great site. “It would be a beautiful place!” He notes. Currently, all options are on the table.

Mr. Primeau is convinced that there is a demand in Quebec for this type of event. He also says that “six or seven complete buses” have traveled Quebec-Pointe-Calumet on Saturday to attend the delivery of French DJ David Guetta. Officials waited between 10 000 and 12 000 people.

“I know that the people of Quebec want it, love it and are hungry for it,” said Primeau. “But it will not be for this year, but next year”.

The Open City

On the side of the City of Quebec, we do not close the door to the idea of ​​a beach club.

“When people have good projects and good ideas are always open to welcome them,” said the press secretary of the mayor, Paul-Christian Nolin, however not wanting to specifically state whether the idea of ​​a Beachclub temporary acceptable to Quebec was a project for the city.

Mr. Nolin emphasizes that it is the Office of Tourism Development and major events that will listen to the offer of the promoter.

The adventure of Beachclub began in the fall of 2014 to Olivier Primeau. He then bought with his father and brother Dominique Julien Sable Island near Montreal. The family has invested more than $ 1.5 million to transform the place.

Since then, the bar has hosted several celebrities, including player of the Boston Bruins Brad Marchand, the youngest of the Kardashian clan, Kylie Jenner, and DJ Tiësto. This year, Paris Hilton should be passing on June 25 as a DJ.

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