The overthrow of Putin in Russia is called an effective way: “everything depends on…”

Свержение Путина, в РФ назвали эффективный способ: "все зависит от..."

You need to find another instrument of pressure on Russian President Vladimir Putin, as conduct negotiations with it is useless

About it in interview to journalists told Russian opposition leader and writer, Garry Kasparov, reports the observer.

Thus, Garry Kasparov decided to comment on the confession of one of close to Putin oligarchs Viktor Vekselberg that the sanctions were “a total life crisis.”

Свержение Путина, в РФ назвали эффективный способ: "все зависит от..."

According to him, the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin to push through his entourage, and the recognition of Viktor Vekselberg is a vivid proof.

“He confirmed what we know, but none of Putin’s entourage are not talking about it so openly,” no doubt the opposition leader.

Kasparov noted that Vekselberg had come to the conclusion that the sanctions against him will not remove in the near future. And this is a problem for him because the isolation of the Putin regime creates a lot of problems for the country and for big business.

“If Putin himself have no limits, they could become his entourage. You need to push on them. Talks with Putin — is meaningless. Need to breed more such “Vekselberg”. When they become a lot, they can start to solve the problem collectively Putin”, — summed Kasparov in an interview.

Свержение Путина, в РФ назвали эффективный способ: "все зависит от..."

Earlier, his forecast was voiced by a Professor of political science at Rutgers University in Newark, as well as in Ukraine and Russia, Alexander Motyl. In his opinion, Vladimir Putin can break the Ukrainians, making Kiev the insidious proposal. So the President of Russia could throw the idea of returning the currently occupied territories of Donbass without any conditions:

“Vladimir Putin could resume the confrontation, not as a weapon and aggression, which soon unite all Ukrainians, and a tempting offer of a peaceful solution to the war with the “Lndia”. Imagine if he proposed to return to Ukraine “LDNR” without any conditions”.

We will remind, Putin spoke about friendship with Ukraine, and Zelensky, Ukrainians in anger: “Dwarf hang”.

As reported Politeka, Putin has disgraced the whole world: “She’s pregnant! I here at what?”.

Also Politeka wrote that Putin infuriated the Russians a military solution: “Grandpa really bad.”