The organ is back in the Nicolet Cathedral

terme-longue-restauration-orgue-cathedrale(Nicolet) After a major restoration entrusted to Bellavance Workshops, the organ of the Nicolet cathedral resumed service. Two events will mark the inauguration of the new life given to the opus 381 of 1909. First, the official blessing of the organ and its reactivation in liturgical purposes will take place on June 19 at the Mass of 10 hours will be presided by Archbishop Andre Gazaille. Then, an opening concert will jumpstart his music career on Wednesday 29 June at 19:30.

The cost of restoration of the organ amounted to $ 264,376, an amount which the Board of the Quebec Religious Heritage contributed to the height of 185 $ 290. In addition, the construction of a new buffet and redevelopment allowing better assessment of the sound composition of the organ in the cathedral, in the amount of $ 63,353, were made possible through donations raised slightly above the fundraising goal. This portion of the work has not been the object of subsidy. In total, nearly $ 328,000 has been invested in this major project.

With the replacement of the console, complete releathering components, new and more appropriate tanks and an aesthetic touch to the buffet, the cathedral organ regains its former glory, it is felt the side of the committee.

“It will allow him to continue to support long liturgical celebrations as cultural activities that will take place now,” considers one of the members, Martin Yelle. A summer program will also be unveiled at the concert on 29 June.

The restoration committee of the organ of the Nicolet Cathedral held a major fundraising campaign, since 27 September 2014. The aim then was to raise $ 135,000 in the community and among people of business goal achieved and even exceeded since donations have approximately 142 to $ 400.

It is the holder of the organ, Marc Senneville, which will provide the musical accompaniment to the celebration of 19 June, with the support of several other singers and musicians: Marijke Desmet, Elise Boucher Gonzaga and David St-Laurent.

At the concert offered free to the public on June 29, we will entrust the voice of the opus 381 to the talent of Gilles Fortin gentlemen, Martin Brossard and Marc Senneville. there is also hear the soprano soloist France Caya and the Chorale Saint-Frédéric under the direction of Mr. Pierre Bessette, accompanied by Françoise Gélinas organ. Among the performers, several have also marked the history of this instrument that has lived.

It is indeed the “third life” of the Casavant organ that begins today. Originally designed for the previous cathedral, the instrument that has over a century of service survived the landslide of 1955. The natural disaster has however forced demolition of her former home. Relocation conducted by Odilon Jacques, at the time, gave rise to a second opening in the Louis-Fréchette Boulevard Cathedral June 24, 1964.

On this occasion, it was 52 years ago almost to the day, the organist Gilles Fortin Drummondville and the Choir of Saint-Frederic performers were invited to the new cathedral. As for Marc Senneville, Baie-du-Febvre, it is the current holder of the organ. Previously, Martin Brossard, from Nicolet, himself held the post for nearly 19 years until 2006; he currently holds the organ of the Shrine of Our Lady of the Cape.

The organ Casavant Freres of St. John the Baptist Cathedral of Nicolet is the opus number 381 out of the workshops of the recognized organ builder of Saint-Hyacinthe in 1909. Nicolet The organ is one of the few models of this type in Quebec not to have been irreversibly transformed. It is an imposing organ, built in the sound aesthetics of French symphonic organ. After the Saint-Frederic de Drummondville, the organ of the cathedral of Nicolet is the second largest in the entire Centre-du-Quebec region.

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