The Orford Express is back in: “Well, he’s back on track!”

1213934(Magog) The return on the rails of the Orford Express is the delight of its owner, the businessman Andre Esperance, who hopes to see Magogois become ambassadors of this tourist train.

“It’s been two years that the train was traveling over said Mr. Hope. Finally, it is back on track! I am very, very happy to return. It is expected to be successful. We feel the excitement right now. ”

Recall that a fire occurred in April 2014 completely destroyed inside one of the cars of the Orford Express. It took nearly two years to complete the reconstruction work, which cost more than a million $.

Unlike recent years, most of the escapades that will be offered this summer the Orford Express will Magog as a starting point rather than Sherbrooke. New siding was built to allow the company to park the train on the ground magogois overnight.

“Many Sherbrooke returned several times on the train, says André L’Espérance. In fact, many citizens of Sherbrooke had become true ambassadors of the Orford Express and it clearly favored his success. We want the same thing to happen in Magog. ”

“This is a responsible company with whom we have a great relationship.”

For the Magogois appropriate the train, a special evening took place on Thursday in the MacPherson Wharf area. In particular, participants visited the cars and watch fireworks.

A great relationship

Since the decision of the Montreal Maine and Atlantic operations (MMA), Mr. Hope and his team must collaborate with the company Central Maine and Quebec. The main person expresses very satisfied with the work done by the company to date.

“This is a responsible company with whom we have a great relationship, says André L’Espérance. The rails were repaired and you can drive 25 miles per hour throughout the trip that borrows. ”

The CMQ has also allowed the Orford Express to install the new siding along its railway, near the MacPherson dock.

Regarding the reconstruction of the car on fire, the spokesman for the train, Annie Brunelle, notes that attempted to replicate the look she was inside before the fire. “We decided to keep the vintage look,” she notes.

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