The opposition platform of Pro – life: Poroshenko manipulates the “opposition” for positions in the Parliament

Оппозиционная платформа – За жизнь: Порошенко манипулирует «оппозицией» ради должностей в Раде

Game the fifth President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko in “opposition” — nothing like manipulation for the sake of parliamentary posts. This is stated in the statement of the Opposition platform – For life.

“Recently the party of ex-President Poroshenko “European Solidarity” appealed to the parties “Fatherland” and “the Voice” calling to coordinate the positions regarding the representation of factions in the leadership of the Verkhovna Rada and parliamentary committees. In this simple way a political corpse BPP is trying to “portray” the new opposition in and out of isolation. The former President Poroshenko and his cronies are trying to pass on to colleagues in Parliament the responsibility for the crimes of the former regime”, — assured the representatives of the party.

In opsi noted that presidential and parliamentary elections, the former President Poroshenko conducted a deliberate campaign to discredit their opponents – Yulia Tymoshenko and Svyatoslav Vakarchuk.

“Today, Poroshenko’s party suddenly wanted to coordinate their efforts with the “hated” rivals. The reasons for this political trick is clear. This is an attempt to depict the appearance in Parliament of the “new opposition”, under the guidance of Poroshenko. It is clear that no opposition to the current government such a conglomerate can not be”, — noted in political force.

The opposition reminded that “the opposition Poroshenko” as “ze”, — the supporters of integration into NATO, in favour of the free sale of land and the implementation of the requirements of the IMF.

“This is a purely “Mercantile” trick Poroshenko, who hopes with the help of Deputy mandates “Fatherland” and “the Voice” quantitatively ahead of the only real opposition to the previous and the current government – Opposition platform For life. Proclaiming itself as the “parliamentary opposition”, Poroshenko wants to negotiate with the new government for himself and his environment as many positions in the leadership of Parliament and parliamentary committees”, — said in the party.

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The opposition believe that Poroshenko and his cronies in the party need to repent before the people of Ukraine in five years of total corruption and theft in defense orders, the tariff for the genocide and the attack on social rights, for the restriction of freedom of speech and pressure on the media.

“Have long explained for theft in state enterprises “Ukroboronprom”, “Ukrzaliznytsa” and it is the most caring ex-President and his entourage. And other political parties is to think again, before you enter into any political alliances with political “a group of” Poroshenko”, — assured the representatives of the Opposition platform – For life.

According to them, Ukrainians are well aware who is the real opposition.

“The only real opposition to the past and the current state rate is the Opposition platform For life. Only the Opposition platform of Pro – life has consistently opposed the entry of Ukraine into NATO for the implementation of the non-bloc policy and of neutral status for Ukraine. For the development of the national economy, support domestic producers and against the sale of land and the dictatorship of the IMF. For the termination tariff of the genocide, the reduction in utility tariffs and the increase of salaries and pensions, against the destruction of domestic medicine and education. Only the Opposition platform For life can be an effective opposition to the current exchange rate at the Parliament to protect the interests of ordinary Ukrainian citizens”, — summed up in the party.