“The opposition platform For life” demanded Zelensky to refuse corruption scheme “Duseldorf+”

«Оппозиционная платформа — За жизнь» потребовала от ЗЕленского отказаться от коррупционной схемы «ДюЗЕльдорф+»

The new government is not going to reduce tariffs for housing and communal services and to fight corruption in the supply of gas to Ukraine

This is stated in the statement of the party “Opposition platform For life”.

“The representative of the President of Ukraine Cabinet of Ministers Andriy Gerus has made a number of statements that demonstrate a complete unwillingness of the new government headed by the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky to take measures to reduce tariffs for housing and communal services, first and foremost, reduce the cost of gas for the population. This is contrary to the expectations of Ukrainians. The survey conducted by KIIS 9-14 April 2019, testifies to 39.1% of Ukrainians most anticipated and most important step of the President Zelensky in the first 100 days of his rule is the reduction of utility tariffs”, — said in a statement.

The party noted that an outright slap in the face to the Ukrainian people from the new government were the words of Andriy Gerus: “Zelensky joked about the rates that they are high. Zelensky joked about “Rotterdam”, that it is unfair that a corrupt formula. But direct promises he has given”.

“Now everyone can clearly see that the new government is not going to reduce tariffs for housing and communal services and, therefore, to fight corruption in the supply of gas to Ukraine. And the finished scheme “düsseldorf+” used the criminal authorities Poroshenko, replace with another — “Duseldorf+” and use in their interests,” said “the Opposition platform — For life.” In favor of this, in particular, according to the statement of Andrey Gerus, who invited the Chairman of the political Council of the “Opposition platform For life” Viktor Medvedchuk and co-founder of the party Yuriy Boyko to set up a company to buy gas from “Gazprom” to transport it to Ukraine.

“It is clear that the new government can only work in “schemes,” earning “myself favorite”, and not acting in the interests of the people. “The opposition platform For life” stresses that the negotiations in St. Petersburg about reducing gas prices for the population were carried out in the interests of Ukrainian citizens, and not for corrupt practices, yesterday, Poroshenko named today — Zelensky,” — said in a statement.

The party added that, unlike team Zelensky, do not consider the organization of an uninterrupted supply of gas to Ukraine as a source of profit. “We stress that the conclusion of the contract about direct deliveries of gas from Russia and lower prices for Ukrainian citizens — the primary task of the authorities”, — concluded the “Opposition platform For life.”