The operation to remove the Appendix canceled: “treated differently”

Операции по удалению аппендикса отменяются: «лечится по-другому»

Doctors have criticized the operation for appendicitis

Antibiotics are much more effective in the treatment of appendicitis than surgery. So said the team of scientists from finladia after five years of study. Uncomplicated appendicitis usually occurs in 80% of cases and does not require serious interference in the work of the body, suggested by doctors.

To test their hypothesis, the experts gathered a group of 530 patients at the age from 18 to 60 years with a diagnosis of acute uncomplicated appendicitis. Volunteers were divided into two groups: the first consisting of 257 patients took antibiotics, and the second agreed to the surgery to remove the Appendix.

Volunteers from the first group received regular injections of a strong antibiotic for three days and then still completed the course, which consists of two tablets, a week later.

Операции по удалению аппендикса отменяются: «лечится по-другому»

A year later the operation took only 23% of participants in the experiment. Cases of recurrence within a year was registered in 27% of patients; and five years later 39 % of the volunteers. A total of 70 patients have been through the appendectomy (removal of Appendix) in the first year and another 30 within the next five years.

It turned out that in six cases out of ten the treatment of mild forms of appendicitis by means of antibiotics does not lead to relapse.

“It’s a safe option and alternative to surgery, and that’s what really should be considered the surgical community, doctors and patients,” said Dr. Paulina Salminen (Salminen Paulina).

The researchers believe that their discovery will reduce the number of unnecessary surgeries that also have a negative impact on the health of patients and can lead to complications: infection, myocardial infarction, and abdominal pain.

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Операции по удалению аппендикса отменяются: «лечится по-другому»

Also, doctors have noticed that the recovery period after a course of antibiotics is much faster than after surgery.

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