The oncologist called the thing that causes cancer: “in every house”, not everyone knows about the danger

Онколог назвал вещь, которая вызывает рак: "есть в каждом доме", не все знаю об опасности

The oncologist called the thing that provokes cancer, it is in every house

About Andrew beznosenko — oncologist, chief physician of the National cancer Institute, told in an exclusive interview Сlutch.

“Carcinogen is a risk factor whose presence can affect the likelihood of developing cancer. The known carcinogen is asbestos, a chemical element used in the production of slate. That is why in all civilized countries of the world prohibited the use of asbestos. It is known that people working there are much more likely to suffer from lung cancer. Our Ministry also initiated a ban on the use of asbestos in Ukraine.

Онколог назвал вещь, которая вызывает рак: "есть в каждом доме", не все знаю об опасности

To strong carcinogens is the virus of human papilloma, which often leads to cervical cancer. Alcohol and Smoking are also carcinogenic factors that lead to development of tumours”.

Probably we all once heard a story about someone’s grandfather all his life drank fortified port wine and smoked “Belomor”, worked in hazardous work, but was completely healthy and died at the age of 97 years accident insurance. And at the same time, we hear about the strong athlete of thirty years, who regularly trains, not getting out of the gym, adhere to a healthy lifestyle, etc., suddenly gets cancer. Why did this happen? The answer to this question was given by authoritative Israeli oncologist Zvi Bernstein at the First forum of cancer patients, which was held February 3 in Kiev. Read more here

Recall, the doctor Komarovskiy — known pediatrician, the “Golden” rules of immunity which is enjoyed by all the parents, repeatedly sharply expressed his opinion about the behavior of too caring mothers. So, he said that parents who “rush” with their children and keep the house clean, the kid will get sick faster than those who treat their children more calmly. This statement caused a storm of emotions and discussions in society, but Yevgeny Komarovsky’s your opinion on this matter. Read more — read here.