The oligarchs in agony, Zelensky took up a new “victim” after Pashinsky: his name know to all

Олигархи в агонии, Зеленский взялся за новую «жертву» после Пашинского: его фамилию знают все

After the Affairs of Sergey Pashinsky, another odious billionaire and ex-people’s Deputy Konstantin Zhevago — obyavili wanted

He is likely to present theft in especially large sizes. This writes Рoliteka with reference to the statement of the head of the RRG of Ukraine Roman Pipe.

Former member of Parliament – one of the Champions, in fact, quantitative indicator of how he was elected in Parliament, the once-owner of FC Vorskla Poltava – milliardera Konstantin Zhevago was declared wanted by the State investigation Bureau of the country.

As you know, Zhevago was the owner of Bank “Finance and credit”. He is suspected of involvement in the embezzlement of 2.5 billion UAH of the Bank.

Олигархи в агонии, Зеленский взялся за новую «жертву» после Пашинского: его фамилию знают все

On 9 October the head of the RRG novel Pipe said:

“About Zhevago. We called it in the RRG to obtain a suspicions, he was not. So now has begun the announcement in the international search and obtain a court order and the permission to detain him. Now he declared necrosis”.

We will remind, still on September 28 it became known that Zhevago announced the suspicion in absentia:

“He is charged with part 3 of article 27, part 5 of article 191 (organization of waste of another’s property under a preliminary conspiracy), part 3, article 209 (legalization of incomes obtained in a criminal way in especially large sizes) the Criminal code,” said Olga Varchenko, first Deputy Director of the RRT.

According to some domestic media, Konstantin Zhevago has long been outside of Ukraine.

We will remind also that earlier the President Zelensky announced the first “landing” this fall.

According to Vladimir Zelensky, when will the anti-corruption court and a new attorney General – will start a major cleaning – the “landing” all those big names who have nothing to suspect. About it the President said in an interview with TV channel 1+1:

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“Then we will have a new attorney General. This is a very important person. And I think in the fall, when we’ll have the anti-corruption court, and the attorney General, all (“landing” — Ed.) will start”, — said the President.

Олигархи в агонии, Зеленский взялся за новую «жертву» после Пашинского: его фамилию знают все

Then the question of journalists, whether “auction criminal cases,” Vladimir Zelensky said:

“Let’s see how much money is not to be missed by the state (laughs). Maybe.”

Recall and about notorious Sergei Pashynska — as you know, on Monday, October 7, the Pechersk court of Kyiv was elected a measure of restraint to the former Deputy from “popular front”, which in January 2016 shot at the inhabitant of Kiev region Vyacheslav Himikos.

The court decided to take Pashinsky in custody until December 4.

It should be noted that the conflict between Pashinsky Himikam erupted on new year’s eve on the road. Men quarreled, and then the former Deputy grabbed a premium gun and shot in the leg of his opponent. The victim suffered a comminuted fracture of the femur of the left leg. So it Pashinsky was stopped several times, and the former Deputy even admitted it to the victims. Pashinsky accused of grievous bodily harm.

Recall that the return of Yanukovych to Ukraine: the “legitimacy” of the stated incredible

As reported Politeka, appeared scandalous details of the murder of the enemy Pashinsky

Also Politeka wrote that the scandal with the listening Pashinsky is gaining momentum, intervened Zelensky