The old Church ptsu lit up in an Orthodox feast: the details of the emergency

Старинная церковь ПЦУ загорелась в православный праздник: подробности ЧП

The temple in which the fire occurred, was built 130 years ago by the local community

Now the Church belongs to the Orthodox Church of Ukraine.

Temple ptsu was captivated with the powerful fire on the feast of the Transfiguration. The incident happened in the village of Novoselytsia Snyatynsky district of Ivano-Frankivsk region. There began to glow with a wooden Church in honor of the presentation of the blessed virgin Mary, according to the State service of Ukraine for emergency situations.

Старинная церковь ПЦУ загорелась в православный праздник: подробности ЧП

It is noted that the fire engulfed the iconic building about five o’clock in the evening.

The elimination of the flame was thrown 19 rescuers and six units of special equipment.

It is reported that the Church that now they should belong ptsu, was built in 1889 at the expense of the community.

As we wrote earlier, in Odessa began a large-scale operation after the high profile fire in the hotel “Tokyo Star”. During the searches, which are conducted by the police , on August 18, police detained three people other than the owner of the hotel, businessman Vadim Black.

“The investigation involved actions of the SBU. “Tokyo” has withdrawn documents, money in a safe Deposit box at the front Desk, searched the room. Also searched apartments belonging to Vadim. Delayed management “Zirka” Valentina and the two technicians who were engaged in wiring and small repairs,” — said the source.

The burning hotel workers say that the fire started downstairs in the Laundry room, and within minutes had spread up to the upper floor.

Of the possible reasons, in addition to the circuit, called low-quality repair (a few days before the fire in the Laundry area worked with the wiring), and unintentional arson.

“Our hotel has small rooms with no Windows. Non-Smoking, but there have been violations of this prohibition. What exactly caught fire, nobody says,” — said the source.

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We will remind that on the night of 17th August in South Palmyra was an accident, in which nine people died and ten were injured. The head of the burn Department 10th hospital Alexander Stavraki reported that six of the victims suffered very serious injuries.

Старинная церковь ПЦУ загорелась в православный праздник: подробности ЧП

The physician noted that his clinic has delivered seven of the victims in “old Tokyo”. They have suffered the most. According to him, the majority of patients diagnosed termoinsulation trauma, burns of respiratory ways and a poisoning with burning products.

The victims of the fire, came to the clinic, were two inhabitants of Odessa, four inhabitants of other settlements of Ukraine and a foreigner. Among the patients were three women and four men aged from 16 to 37 years.

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