The official times Yanukovych “is torn” in power: “on the 15th place in the list”

Чиновник времен Януковича «рвется» во власть:  «на 15 месте в списке»

In the list of one of the Ukrainian parties was discovered the man who was Governor of Lviv during the presidency of Viktor Yanukovych

It is reported by “Country”.

“The party “Fatherland” introduced the first 50 members list for the early elections to the Verkhovna Rada. 15 (a passage based on the current ratings of the party) proved controversial head of the Lviv regional cell of “Batkivshchyna”, ex-Governor of Ternopil and Lviv regions Mikhail Tsymbalyuk. During the presidential campaign of 2004 the Tsymbalyuk was accused of “stooping” in the region in support of Viktor Yanukovych”, — is spoken in the message.

Чиновник времен Януковича «рвется» во власть:  «на 15 месте в списке»

First Tsymbalyuk headed Ternopil oblast. A few months later became the Governor of the Lviv region.

“Thanks to the President, which allowed me to be seconded from the interior Ministry and remain in the personnel reserve. I am a person who is years of service as a Lieutenant-General. I understand that the Party of regions is the political force that gave me the position, and I know that depend on this political force”, — claimed the politician.

As previously reported, at the party Congress “servant of the people”, which took place on 9 June, announced the first hundred candidates in the party list of the political strength of the newly made President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky

Well analyzed list of obscure individuals, we noticed some interesting and, so to speak, glorified in the Odessa region names.

Among the number of those who wish to become part of the presidential party, we noticed widely known in Odessa region the name Karabacak. Yuri Karabacak head Artsyz district Council, and the list of the party “servant of the people” at number 83 listed his son Roman. For anybody not a secret that the father of the candidate in the command “ze” is an avid fan of the former President of Petro Poroshenko. This fact and its close relationship with former acting Sergey Parashchenko official never hid and, apparently, he still is a fan of the old regime.

Чиновник времен Януковича «рвется» во власть:  «на 15 месте в списке»

Recall that Zelensky commented on his attitude to the party “bad Gene”.

As reported Politeka, disclosed the names of the candidates for the post of Prime Minister: “the lists speak volumes”.

Also Politeka reported that the Zelensky decision infuriated the Ukrainians, Palchevskogo pointed out a fatal puncture.