The office of the Prime Minister pelted with Molotov cocktails: “it was seen by thousands”

Офис премьера забросали коктейлями Молотова: «это видели тысячи»

In the capital began a rally for the resignation of the current Prime Minister, during which his office was pelted with Molotov cocktails

About it reports “Today”.

“Thousands of Albanians came to the capital to protest against Prime Minister EDI Rama. Some of the demonstrators threw into his office Molotov cocktails,” — said in the message.

Pay attention that the protests in Albania continued for several months. The reason for this is called Prime Minister, who is accused of corruption, fraud and close links with criminals.

Офис премьера забросали коктейлями Молотова: «это видели тысячи»

As previously reported, the evening of may 11, thousands of disgruntled took to the streets of the capital. Against them sent law enforcement officers. Representatives of the emergency services told about the consequences of rebellion.

Large-scale protests spread to Tirana, the Albanian capital. Local residents gathered in front of the Parliament building and demanded the resignation of Prime Minister EDI Rama. The opposition accused the ruling party of corruption and urged the re-election of the government.

The radicals began to throw at police officers firecrackers and Molotov cocktails and firecrackers. As can be seen in one of the photos, the actions of the rebels provoked the fire. The police dispersed the demonstrators with tear gas and water cannons. The clashes wounded at least twelve policemen.

It is worth noting that the riots in Albania continued from December 2018. The opposition accuses the government headed by Eddie Rama of corruption and links with organized crime. The opposition representatives who left in protest of their seats in February and refuse dialogue with the Prime Minister and insist on early elections.

The leader of the Democrats Lulzim bash believes the uprising is needed “to liberate Albania from the crimes” and to bring local residents to the European standard of living. He urged to increase pressure on the government, while the Albanian authorities to keep the country “away from Europe”. While Albania is indeed considered one of the poorest countries in the region. However, local politicians are kept upbeat and announced negotiations on accession to the European Union, which is expected to begin this year.

Earlier mass protests paralyzed the capital of Czech Republic. In Prague demosntrate opposed the appointment of a new Minister of justice, who, according to them, for fear of interference in a criminal case. Last week the Minister of justice was appointed Marie Benesova. According to the protesters, she will try to protect Prime Minister Andrew Babish, who could potentially stand trial for fraud with EU funds.

Офис премьера забросали коктейлями Молотова: «это видели тысячи»

We will remind, the citizens have raised environmental revolt: “we need to ban” video.

As reported Politeka, under the Parliament, the revolt began, the situation at the peak, a lot of police: “I demand urgent solutions.”

Also Politeka wrote that under the house Lutsenko started the assault, attack footage, fire, and explosions.