The number of victims of a fire at the Studio the anime in Japan has increased dramatically: according to witnesses, the most terrible pictures of hell

Число жертв пожара на студии аниме в Японии резко возросло: очевидцы сообщили самое страшное, кадры ада

The number of deaths in an arson attack anime Studio in Kyoto has increased dramatically

The number of victims of a fire in the Studio Kyoto Animation has increased to 33, ten people delivered in medical institutions of the city.

Recall that on the morning of 18 July, 41-year-old man broke into the premises of Kyoto Animation Co. According to police, he poured in the Studio the fuel mixture maybe gasoline and torched it. The incident occurred around 10:30 a.m. local time. The fire quickly spread through three-storey building.

Witnesses also report that from a burning building heard explosions. Probably cotton happened when the fire reached the capacity in which the attacker has brought gasoline. Witnesses said that before the fire, the attacker shouted “fuck you!”.

Presumably at the time of ignition in the building there were about 70 people. At least ten of the victims were discovered on the stairs leading to the roof. About 40 people were hospitalized, some of them in critical condition.

Число жертв пожара на студии аниме в Японии резко возросло: очевидцы сообщили самое страшное, кадры ада

In hell fire the Studio lost leading animators and probably a significant part of the archive. Killed at least six art-producers and broadcasters of the animators that created major hits KyoAni. The Studio has canceled the premiere of the full length album “Free!”, scheduled for the summer of 2020.

The motives of the attacker while it is difficult to judge. It is reported that he worked at the Studio and had no obvious links with it. According to some reports, the suspect in the arson at first tried to escape from the building, but then fell to the ground.

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According to, for arson, which caused numerous casualties, he could face the death penalty, which is still in effect in Japan.

Remains not clear why Kyoto Animation Co became the target of arson: its products looks provocative and is aimed primarily for a younger audience anime, like “K-On” and “the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya”.

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